QDC Software & LivePinch integration

Robust laundry business management meets powerful personalized marketing

QDC Software & LivePinch integration

All of us at QDC have always tried to push the envelope when it comes to laundry business management. We have always felt that marketing can create that much-needed distinction between an average business unit and a successful one. So in order to empower laundry business owners, both independent units and multi-store chains and franchises, we have partnered with LivePinch. LivePinch is a powerful personalized marketing tool that enables businesses to reach the right people with the right message. And now, laundry businesses can take advantage of it too.

QDC partnering with LivePinch comes very timely during this COVID-19 pandemic to offer an integrated solution that can help with new customer acquisition, business acquisition from existing customers and most importantly promoting the right message to the right customer segment.

The QDC <> Live Pinch integrated environment will offer an added advantage especially in improving the 360° business outreach. That means using all the possible communication channels in a way that they seamlessly work together.

Here are the impactful areas where this association can be beneficial

  • Improved Business Outreach: QDC-Live Pinch powered solution will enable easy digital presence to educate customers and bring them back to business for contactless pickup and drop off. This will help in retaining existing business and get more business from existing customers. 
  • Omnichannel Customer Targeting: Omnichannel is using all the channels at your disposal to communicate with the customer in an integrated and seamless manner. Using LivePinch, QDC customers will be able to improve their customer communication and drive better customer engagement thus leading to higher revenues.
  • Targeted Campaign Creation and Optimization: QDC customers usually have a large amount of data about their customers pertaining to their shopping patterns, preferences etc. LivePinch would help you target customers based on a number of parameters thus making your marketing efforts highly precise and effective.
  • Contactless Laundry and Dry Cleaning business management: QDC and LivePinch will play an important role in marketing your business in the new world. When the physical interaction with the customer reduces, the biggest problem that will arise is that business owners would no longer have their finger on the pulse so to speak. Hence LivePinch will help business owners to track customers on online channels and take decisions according to their online behavior thus giving the advantage back to businesses.
  • Personalized Service delivery to each ICP: Personalization is the heart of marketing. Just like in physical shopping experience, the online shopping experience of the customer also greatly benefits from personalization. This personalization, provided by LivePinch, pushes the customer to spend more with your business.
  • Multiple Channels: Throughout this blog, we have talked about how you can use multiple channels to communicate with your customers. These channels are – SMS, Email, Website popups & push notifications inside customer application. Their drag and drop editor and simple journey builder enables anyone to run powerful marketing campaigns, without any coding skills required.

All in all, we’ve always counseled all of you regarding the importance of marketing and personalization required for it. But we always felt that there was something missing and we could do something to make it easier for all laundry and dry-cleaning business owners to achieve better business marketing. QDC <> LivePinch partnership feels like a step in the right direction.