Don’t just start a laundry business, Start a SMART laundry business

How to start a laundry business that is successful? QDC is the answer. Give your targets a reason to switch from their existing laundry provider and gain an edge over your competition.

How To Start a Laundry Business

Gain edge over existing competition

Offer a unique experience to your customers through computerized invoices, SMS & Email alerts, barcoded tagging security and many more.

How To Start a Laundry Business

Accelerate your business growth with technology

Send promotional messages, offer professional services to win over customers and enjoy more referrals, make evidence-based business decisions.

How To Start a Laundry Business

Implement the Industry’s best practices

QDC helps you to streamline your process and implement industry standard proven techniques to maximize revenue and minimize wastage.

Quick Dry Cleaning Software

Become a part of the global QDC community

Gain from the knowledge of experts from the industry by becoming a part of the most vibrant and active community of dry cleaners and launderers