Don’t just start a laundry business, Start a SMART laundry business

How to start a laundry business that is successful? QDC is the answer. New businesses are able to achieve their goals in 50 % less time with QDC’s proven business strategies, processes, and software tools.

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Gain edge over existing competition

Offer a unique experience to your customers through computerized invoices, SMS, Email & Whatsapp alerts, QR-coded tagging security, and many more.

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Accelerate your new business growth with technology

Understand your customer’s shopping pattern for your service and launch customer-centric pre-paid packages to ensure customer stickiness.

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Implement the Industry’s best practices

QDC helps you to streamline your processes and implement industry standard proven techniques to maximize revenue and minimize wastage.


Become a part of the global QDC community

Gain from the knowledge of experts from the industry by becoming a part of the most vibrant and active community of dry cleaners and launderers.

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