We rise by lifting each other!

Quick Dry Cleaning Software always focuses on building a long-term business with our partners with proven processes to exceed their customers’ specific needs for laundry Business management & growth. At QDC, we take pride in our Partner- Centric culture.

Once you become a partner, we’ll provide you with domain knowledge, product understanding, and everything you need to be a successful business. 

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of a team working together”

QDC provides you with two ways to go for the QDC Partners Program.


Referral Partner


QDC Referral Partner Program offers you the chance to refer the introduction of Quick Dry Cleaning(QDC) Software to your friends whosoever related to the laundry and dry cleaning business. In return, you can get monetary benefits from us with every sale.

Channel partner


Channel Partner


QDC Channel partner program gives you exclusivity to the location and can perform various functions like marketing, sales, and support. Creating additional value for customers and growing your business couldn’t be easier than collaborating with us.

Why To Prefer QDC Partner Network?


Our model is focused on business growth and customer-centricity. We take care of our customers and partners.

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Our enthusiastic team of sales, marketing, and support experts are available to support and guide us throughout the alliance journey.


You can earn healthy incentives on every sale with your reference.


At this point, we are located in 57+ countries and still growing. We are open to getting a partner from any country with the laundry and dry cleaning domain.

Our Existing Partners

Keep Innovations

Contact person - Mr. Solomon Mokua
Email - [email protected]
Phone - +254 725795226

BlueFox MediaWorks

Contact person - Mr. Obioma Chukwuka
Email - [email protected]
Phone - +234 8023014399

Klen Laundroworks

Contact Person - Mr. Srinivas Rao
Email - [email protected]
Phone - +91 8041263822

Become a Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a partner?

If you are a laundry and dry cleaning business owner or equipment seller, manager, employee, industry influencer, chemical, hangers, or another stationery seller. Or anyone who wants to earn good money, you all are most welcome and yes you can apply to join our QDC Partner program.

Is an agreement required?

Yes, upon approval each partner must sign an agreement to be an official partner.

What are the different types of partnership models at QDC?

There are two types of partnership models:

  1. Referral partners
  2. Exclusive Channel Partners

What is the difference between a referral partner and a channel partner?

Referral Partner: – QDC Referral Partner offers you the chance to refer Quick Dry Cleaning(QDC) Software to your friends and get monetary benefits from us in return. 

Channel Partner: –  QDC Channel partner gives you the exclusivity to the location and can perform various functions like marketing, sales, and support.

Is there any charge for being a QDC partner?

Referral Partner- No.

Channel Partner – Yes, there is a membership charge for QDC Channel Partners.

Are you a laundry business owner?

If yes, then try our software for free for 14 days