Dry Clean POS (Point of Sale)

Piece plus weight order generation
Suitable for both laundry and dry cleaning businesses.

SMS, Email & Whatsapp notification
Communicate seamlessly with your customers

Thermal and laser invoice printing
Support for all types of physical invoices

Customer preferences

Record preferences of all your customers for a better experience

Garment defects, brands and colors

Option to add defects and other attributes at the time of order generation

Addon services, upcharges and item notes

Deliver and earn more with add on services

Multi-platform support

QDC works on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Secure digital payments

Process payments through your favorite gateway securely

Payment reconciliation

Automatic payment reconciliation from your bank and other payment gateways

Urgent delivery

Option for urgent delivery with add on charge

Pickup reminders

Automatic SMS and Email reminders to your customer when their order is ready

Workload management

Keep track of your workload to give a definite delivery date

Advance payment
Option to accept partial and advance payment on your orders

User access controls

Prevent employees from gaining access to sensitive business data

Automatic barcoded tags

Barcode enabled garment tags are automatically generated from the system

Touch-based order generation
Touch-friendly interface for faster order generation and checkout

Discount and coupon options

Apply discounts and coupons at customer, order and service level.

Factory Challan

Get automated challan generated for all your orders

Fully customizable

Set your customized services, garment list and price list as per your requirement

Return unprocessed garments

Garments not suitable for processing can easily be returned to your customers.

Store management

Hierarchical controls

Different level of employees have different rights so that they see only information that is necessary for their job

CRM for the laundry business

Store and manage customer information, service preferences and communication preferences

Barcode enabled garment tracking

Track which garments are coming in and which are going out of your stores at all times

Employee performance tracking

Track activities of each and every employee to determine their performance

Daily reporting

Daily cash and sales report necessary for closing the day

Finishing and packing

Print packing stickers and assign garments for finishing all within your store

Stock reconciliation

Keep track of the stock present in your store and send reminders to customers to collect their ready orders


Avoid allotting due dates on holidays and manage workload efficiently

Multiple price lists

Manage as many price lists as you like within your store

Batch Invoice

Generate monthly statements for your institution laundry easily

Home pickup and delivery

Advanced routing engine to make sure that your driver makes to all his pickups and deliveries in time

Doorstep order generation
Generate orders right at customer’s doorstep using our mPOS application

Accept digital payments
Option to swipe cards and accept payment from the customers

Google maps integration
Best in class navigation service working for your home pickup and delivery business

Home delivery feedback
Know how your doorstep laundry business is doing by collecting feedback from customers

Customer signature
Take digital signature from customers after the delivery has been made

Pickup and delivery request scheduling
Customers can use your website or mobile app to make pickup and delivery requests

Auto-assignment of drivers
Automatically assign drivers to requests based on their location

Acquisition and Retention

Prepaid packages
Create and assign prepaid packages to boost customer loyalty

Robust coupon creation and management to help entice more customers

Deals and discounts
Apply flat and/or percentage discounts on both customer and order level to reward all the high paying customers

Loyalty programs
Save revenue discounts, boost customer loyalty by running loyalty programs

Order level Feedback
Know about the experience of the customers on each and every order to improve your service

Customers at risk
AI-powered prediction of customers that are about to leave you for the competition

Personalized service
Make all your customers feel special by offering personalized customer service

Accounting and Reporting

Payment reconciliation
Automatic payment reconciliation from your bank and other payment gateways

Daily accounting
Generate easy accounting reports right from within the system

Customized Reports
Create customized reports with date, customer and order filters

Create ledgers to measure and keep track of all the indirect expenses and incomes

Expense tracking
Keep track of all the operation and non-operational expenses

GST reports
Hassle free reports for filing GST every month

Accounts receivables
Make sure that you get paid for arrears by sending payment reminders to customers

Plant management

Garment sorting
Sort garments easily according to stores, due dates and services

Workload Management
Know the status of workload in the plant each day and reduce your turnaround time (TAT)

In and out tracking
Track which garments have entered the workshop and which ones are ready to go out

Custom processing stages
Create your own workflow according to your business

Info-rich garment tags
Select which information is necessary for your plant workers to perform better

Multi-Store management

Super Admin
Control all your stores from a single place. Edit price lists, services and garment lists for your entire business at once.

Central reporting
See how all your stores are performing in a single and simplified view

Shared database
Share customer data within your stores to provide a seamless brand experience

Central control
Take control of all your stores in a single view, even without being physically present.

Remotely access all your stores
Cloud-based Dry clean POS makes it easier for you to keep track of what is happening at any store from any location


SMS marketing
Send promotional messages with excellent delivery rates to present offers to your customers

Email Marketing
Feature-rich emails and easy emails for you to market your service

Whatsapp communication
Communicate with your customers on their favorite platform using Whatsapp

Website integration
Have your customers schedule pickups and deliveries right from your website

Push discounts and offers
Create coupons, prepaid packages and other promotional offers to attract more business


Tag printers
Support for tag printers to generate tags with barcode for your garments

Touch screen support
The touch-friendly interface works seamlessly with any touch-enabled hardware

Point of Sales terminal
QDC works with any POS terminal of your choice

Portable Printers
Support for portable printers to enable receipt printing on customer’s doorstep

mPOS device support
One device that does it all. Generate orders, accept payments and print receipts in your home pickup and delivery business

Packing stickers
Supports printing of packing stickers for your finished orders

Thermal receipt printers
QDC supports thermal receipt printing both while generating and delivering orders

Laser printers
Print more informational and customized receipts for your customers complete with your branding.

Barcode scanners
Enable garment tracking using barcode scanners at all the important stages of the process


For better customer communication

For Accounting

To secure digital payments


Activity logs
Keep track of all the employee activities at all times with extensive activity logs

User access controls
Manage which information and controls are visible to which users

Data security
World class servers with robust encryption make sure that your data remains completely secure

Employee Pilferage
End-to-end garment tracking and user controls help cut down on unnatural losses

Backup twice daily
All your data is backed up two times a day at 2 different locations

Google drive integration
You can backup your business data to your personal google drive account