Still struggling to manage multiple stores at the same time?

QDC is a one-stop solution for managing your multi-store laundry & dry cleaning business. Control and monitor all your stores and plants from a single location with ease.

Laundry Business Franchise

Stay in control of your multi-store & franchise laundry business

Centralized reporting, revenue tracking, user access controls & central control helps laundry & dry cleaning business owners stay in the driver’s seat. You can track the performance of all your stores and franchisees both individually and in a consolidated manner.

Laundry Business Franchise

Increase revenue from existing customers by 35%

Did you know that 20% of your customers contribute to 80% of business revenue? Reap in more benefit from your regular clientele by providing them offers using coupons, loyalty programs & prepaid packages.

"QDC Software has helped Ananke become one of the fastest growing laundry chain in Sri Lanka"

– Ruvindhu, Ananke Laundry, Sri Lanka

Laundry Business Franchise

Enable seamless flow of garments between your stores and plants

The automatic garment tracking system ensures that each garment reaches its designated store/plant without any garment loss. This ensures easy sorting & on-time processing and delivery of each and every garment.

Laundry Business Franchise

Build a lasting brand image

Deliver memorable and consistent customer experience throughout your stores and franchisees. This is what makes successful businesses different from mediocre ones.

"Quick Dry Cleaning software has been the backbone of our Laundry services since the very beginning. Our entire laundry processes are beautifully organized and tracked by QDC, which makes it so easy to stay on top of things."

– Zulfikar Dhanse, Phoenix Laundry

Laundry Business Franchise

Drive 19% higher revenues from customer feedback

Identifying customers who are dissatisfied from your service will help you save losses even before they happen.