NCDL 2022

NCDL 2022- A report by QDC

So, NCDL 2022

The Dry cleaning & Laundry Association of India (DLAI),  Title Sponsors- Stefab and Ecolab, Associate Sponsors- Quick dry cleaning Software, Diversey, and Supershine, organized and supported by CINET, Clean India Journal, and including exhibitors managed to organize a truly inspiring “National Convention of dry cleaners and Launderers (NCDL 2022)” – National PTC Convention and the 2nd edition of the India Best Practices Laundry Awards Program in Hotel Radisson Blu in New Delhi on 16-17th September 2022. 

Indeed, it was an inspiring event with around 45 sessions of education & training, workshops, a National Conference by experts in the laundry and dry-cleaning industry, and of course booths with equipment and demonstrations of (inter-) national suppliers.

The Goal of NCDL 2022 was to create awareness of current and also about the future sustainability challenges. And enable the community to develop strategies, initiatives, also the tools to address these, improving the sustainability of the Dry-cleaning and Laundry industry. And of course, this event was almost successful in doing so.

Despite, the unpredictable circumstances of the market, this professional textile care market is growing rapidly. So, as we know that India is economically progressing and is currently one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The opportunities are immense and there is a strong focus on modernization and investment in automation, and of course, this is what this laundry and dry-cleaning industry is focusing on. Basically, NCDL 2022 is one such platform where people get productive engagement, knowledge sharing, and knowledge on a wide variety of topics in this industry. As a result, Attendants were pleased with good information and in the evenings invited for a good mixture of relevant content and entertainment.

NCDL 2022 so,

Finally, let’s talk about the NCDL 2022 winners of India’s best practice award program in retail dry cleaning and industrial laundering. The winners are as follows:

  1. Best New Product: SEITZ
  2. The Best Newcomer: PARASHAR CHEMICALS
  3. Best Drycleaner/Wet Cleaner of the year: B4SPIN – BIANCA THE LUXURY CLOTHSPA
  4. The Best Chemical innovation made in India: STAS CHEMICALS
  5. Best Machine Manufacturer made in India: STEFAB
  6. Most Responsible Business Award: ECOSTAR
  7. Best Commercial Laundry of the year: BEEPEE PURETEX

NCDL 2022 so

The Winners of the CINET India Awards are:

> Retail textile cleaning:

  1. Overall Award RTC, incl. invitation to Milan: B4SPIN – BIANCA THE LUXURY CLOTHSPA
  2. Innovation Award: TUMBLEDRY
  3. Sustainability Award: KLINCO LAUNAHUJA

> Industrial Textile service:

  1. Overall Award ITS, incl. invitation to Milan: BEEPEE PURETEX
  2. Innovation Award: CENTRAL LINEN PARK PVT. Ltd
  3. Sustainability Award: QUICK SMART WASH PRIVATE Ltd.

NCDL 2022 so

Gallery of NCDL2022

QDC Software- Stall

Mr. Dinesh Bhaleri – Klinco Launahuja

Mr. Rachit Ahuja – (Speaker- Quick Dry Cleaning Software (QDC)

Mr. Jash Dalal and Mr. Anup Poddar – Beepee Puretex

Mr. Sachin DewanB4spin-Bianca Clothspa LLP

Mr. Gaurav NigamTumbledry

Mr. Rachit Ahuja – (Speaker- Quick Dry Cleaning Software)

Mr. Ashwani Kataria– (Speaker- Quick Dry Cleaning Software with Mr. Sashi Shrivastav – Stefab