First ever WhatsApp Bot in laundry business

The First ever WhatsApp Bot in Laundry Business: QDC WhatsApp Bot

QDC WhatsApp Bot:  The First ever WhatsApp bot exclusively for Laundry and dry Cleaning Businesses. 

Let’s Start with the fundamental question: Why do Laundry and dry cleaning businesses need WhatsApp Bot suddenly when the company is already doing well without it? 

The answer is also simple: Businesses that are aligned timely and upgrade themselves according to the trends in the market will only sustain and show growth in the future. Similarly, the WhatsApp bot is the need of the hour, and Companies nowadays rely on the WhatsApp API/ BOT to make more profits and delight customers. To know more in detail, read our previous blog. Benefits of WhatsApp Bot in Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business – QDC (

Choose QDC WhatsApp Bot if you want to make your laundry business:

Now, The question is how?

Let’s start with the truth bomb;

WhatsApp Business API/Bot automates around 60% of your customer queries.”

WhatsApp, with a High open rate of 98%, makes the campaign a success.” 

Isn’t it something we should work on?

Using the QDC WhatsApp bot, you can focus on what matters the most – Customer Delight. Eventually, it helps to build an omnichannel presence for all laundry and dry cleaning businesses that enables your customers to: – 

1) Discover your brand

2) Enquire about your services

3) Place an order easily 

4) Enable to pay using their preferred channel

5) Avail your service 24X7

6) Reviews and Ratings

7) Deliver extraordinary customer services

8) Convert your customers into advocates 



You can create the three Most Important values for your customers using the QDC WhatsApp Bot for laundry and dry cleaning businesses.


1) Upgrade Customer Engagement

“Customer engagement is the ongoing interactions between company and customer, offered by the company, chosen by the customer.”       

— Paul Greenberg 

Customer engagement makes a difference. Basically, it differentiates your business from your competitors; it bids customers to choose your business every time. 

So, how can QDC WhatsApp Bot do that?


      • Instant Messaging to the customer

      • High open rate with 98% with Two- way communication

      • Update customer with every transaction

      • Feedback collection 

      • Rich Media, CTAs buttons, links, etc., makes it more engaging

      • 24×7 availability

      • Instant resolution to all the general FAQs like three previous orders, services available, nearest store, etc

    “Up to 2/3 of a brand’s profit relies on effective customer engagement.” 

    WhatsApp bot is one of the ways to engage with your customers in between purchases. It strengthens their emotional connection to your brand, helping you retain your customers while sustainably growing your business.

    2) Accelerate Sales

    One way to accelerate your sales cycle is to focus on the channels that bring the best return on investment. And that is WhatsApp- then why not invest in a WhatsApp bot? 

    So, how can the QDC WhatsApp bot accelerate sales for laundry and dry cleaning businesses? 


        • Attract new customers with an Automated buyer’s journey

        • Easy Pickup and delivery scheduling

        • Strengthen brand image

        • Break Geographical barrier

        • Save time by 3 hrs. a day

        • Increase your call center efficiency/ reduce your call center cost 

        • Build an online presence on additional communication channels/ start selling on WhatsApp.

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      3. Improved Customer Experience

      Customers want to feel connected to their favorite brands and enjoy the companies they buy from to know and respect them. Customer Experience has become the leading competitive differentiator. 

      Businesses must ensure that their customer experience strategies can deliver personalized, pleasing interactions at every customer touchpoint. These interactions have a cumulative effect on your customers’ overall perception and impression of your brand/business. 

      Customer Experience is another way to lead your customer to come back every time and move ahead of your competition.

      So, how can QDC WhatsApp improve Customer experience of laundry and dry-cleaning businesses? 


          • Build long-lasting customer relationships

          • Better customer support with automated responses.

          • Personalized chats and effective communication.

          • Rich messaging experience

          • In WhatsApp-notifications for orders, payments, and reminders.

          • Track your orders, order status, or cost anytime.

        “WhatsApp Chatbot is the future of engagement between the brand and the customers.”

        You can Bridge the distance between your business and customers using the QDC WhatsApp bot for your laundry and dry-cleaning business. 

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