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Take Care of Your Expensive Clothes by Following These Simple Steps

Many of us mainly single men living alone fret at the very thought of washing clothes and taking care of them. Of course the first few months are especially very difficult because they find themselves in the middle of nowhere when it comes to doing laundry. However, as opposed to popular opinion, take care of your expensive clothes, it is not a very difficult task, provided you know the simple good-to-know information so as to act accordingly.

Here are some important ways so that u can take care of your expensive clothes: –

  • For one, it is alright to wash shirts often because most men wear formal shirts to their workplaces and it is better to wear washed and clean shirts rather than wearing dirty and sweaty shirts and driving colleagues away. It is best to wash cotton shirts at 30 or 40 degrees. Also, it is better to iron the shirts while they are still damp, which does not mean that you iron them while they are dripping wet.
  • Instead of using bleach, it is better to use intensive laundering products available in the local stores, especially to clean cuffs and collars.
  • For suits, dry cleaning should be restricted to once or twice a year unless it is completely soiled.
  • When in a new city, try looking for a seasoned and experienced dry cleaner because the amateur ones end up burning or fading the suits.
  • There are some things which should be kept far away from getting stained because they cannot be washed nor can be dry cleaned; case in point, neck ties. These are highly sensitive to any type of cleansing; therefore, the rule for them is ‘Prevention is better than cure’. In fact, prevention might just be the sole solution to it.
  • While casual wear like a pair of jeans, T shirts and linen trousers are easy to look after, because you are practically supposed to live-in them. However, the fit still matters the most. Over washing of casual wear often leads to clothes being out-of-shape.
  • Another word of caution may be to throw away all wire hangers and invest in wooden ones so as to preserve the shape of your pricey outfits.
  • Remember, that little changes here and there can yield great dividends. Therefore, take your call carefully.