Improve Customer service and communication

6 Tips to Improve Customer Service and Communication in Dry Cleaning Business


For a Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business Owner, maintaining customer service and communication is one of the most important aspects of a business. If you do not know your customers’ preferences right from the start, you stand a chance of losing them to your competitors. And being a Business Owner with a growth mindset, you certainly don’t want this to happen.

So how do you ensure proper maintenance of proper Customer services and Communication in a Dry Cleaning and Laundry Business?

Here are a few tips for the same:

1. Keep a track of Customer’s Requirements

The First Step to Improving Customer Service and Communication is knowing their requirements. Quick Dry Cleaning Software offers a Customer master which helps to capture the details of a customer. Customer Master includes very useful information about the customers like their priorities. The Information is not just limited to personal details like name, address, phone number, email id, birthday, anniversary, etc but also includes their likings and dislikings. For example – a customer might want hard starch on cotton shirts, suits to be delivered on hangers, flat pressing on trousers with no pleats, and likewise.

Give Customized Dry Cleaning Services as per Customer's Preferences

Illustration 1: Customer priorities and other customer details captured through customer master

This information is captured only once and whenever the customer visits the shop, it gets highlighted on the screen, thus reminding the salesman to take care of the instructions. This information helps to alter the treatment of the cloth as per the requirements of the customer and thus a specialized, personalized service is offered to the customer.

2. Maintain Clear Communication with the Customer

Maintaining good customer service and communication is one of the most important yet underrated aspects of running a business. A customer always prefers an honest business to a business that keeps sugar-coating facts to keep him/her happy. For example- there might be an instance when the garment delivery to the customer’s house may get delayed due to some reasons. In such a scenario, always tell the truth to the customer and explain the situation at hand instead of telling lies about the timely delivery of the garments. The Customer might get unhappy at first but will always trust you for your honesty. Such Customer relationships will always last in the long run.

3. Provide timely updates to the customer

Every Customer loves a business that keeps them timely updated on their order. Quick Dry Cleaning Software equips the customer with the ability to know the timely status of their garments thus keeping them away from all worries.

Whenever a customer drops clothes for dry cleaning (or some other treatment), the software sends an SMS to his/her mobile number detailing the order. Similarly, as soon as the order gets ready, the software sends an automated SMS informing the customer that the order is ready and they can pick it up at their convenience. Similarly, if there is a delay in the process, you can also inform the customer beforehand by sending an SMS from the software.

Quick Dry Cleaning Software also enables SMS and Whatsapp messages to be sent to a customer after a couple of days of the service, to thank the customer for giving a chance of service, and to remind them to come over next time.

4. Equip the customers with the Right Tools

Many times, the customer might not be happy with the services provided by you. At such times, it becomes highly important for you to address the concerns of the customer and provide a solution for the same. But what to do when you have a big store or multiple stores and every hour many customers want to talk to you about their order. For such situations, Quick Dry Cleaning Software’s Customer On-Demand App comes in handy. The App not only enables the customer to order pickup and drop-offs of garments from the comfort of their home but also enables them to provide any feedback or complaints about their order. As a Store Manager, then you receive all the updates about every order within your system. This eventually makes it easy for you to track every order and provide solutions to every customer’s problems. To know more about QDC On-Demand App, you may request a Demo here.

5. Adapt to the Changes brought in by Customers

Has it ever happened to you that despite providing the best quality services to your customers, your customers are shifting to some new dry cleaner? If yes, have you ever tried finding out the reason for the same? On inspection in most cases, you will find out that customers are moving to that new dry cleaner because he is providing some services which you aren’t. These services can be anything ranging from some good loyalty packages or simply a Free Wifi. Thus, to avoid losing out on customers due to such services, you need to study your target audience and maintain communication with them as per their preferences. Read How to Target different Customer Segments to know more about Customer Targeting.

6. Know different Stages of Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty comes in different stages for every business. And there comes a stage when you are on the verge of losing a customer because of a reason which you are unaware of. For example- A regular customer of yours might stop visiting your store because he is shifting to some new place. You might have very little control over such Customer Losses. But the least you can do is to try. Quick Dry Cleaning Software offers a customer-at-risk report which shows you the list of all the customers whom you are at the risk of losing. The List also shows what is the frequency of visits of every customer and the date of their last visit. So now you can call the customer and ask them about their well-being. And in cases where the customer is not visiting you because of shifting to a new place, you can offer them a home pickup and drop-off service and thus retain him/her. These are some important points by concerning them you able to improve customer service and communication in your business.

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