are you a business man or shopkeeper

Businessman or shopkeeper, your choice!

Yeah! you heard it right it is only your choice to be a Businessman or shopkeeper. Okay let me explain, How many hours do you spend on your shop counter everyday and take order from clients, by your own, to ensure that your business runs smoothly? If the answer is more than an hour daily then probably you fall under the category of shop keeper and not a businessman. Dry Cleaning business is more than the booking counter. Yes that’s true it is the booking counter where you get face to face with your customers and it is so very important to keep them happy and you are the best person to do it. But it actually handicaps you, confines you to the booking counter and you no longer can look into the broader picture of your business.

Now consider some big businesses around you like KFC, McDonalds, Wal Mart etc., have you ever seen the owner sitting at the counter and taking the orders. No they never sit, rather they work to improve and expand the business. They have employed strict processes and technology to ensure that the customers are happy and business runs smoothly. Quick Dry Cleaning Software adds this dimension to dry cleaning business as well by launching, first time ever, a web based application for dry cleaning industry.

With the application being on cloud you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • You can monitor it from any part of the world
  • How are your employees progressing
  • Track the cloths at various stages from a single location
  • Track your business against historical data and analyze
  • Automate your business completely and leave no room for staff inefficiency
  • Employ greater controls for customer communication (though emails and sms reminders) and customer satisfaction.

Apart from these, Quick Dry Cleaning Cloud Application offers various financial benefits by

  • Zero upfront investment to employ the system
  • Zero server maintenance
  • Instant scale up of the system
  • Automatic back up of data
  • Single point access of multiple systems.

This new innovation is sure to rock the dry cleaning world, now it depends on you whether you want to change with changing times and be a part of revolution or continue to be a shopkeeper. So, its your choice Businessman or shopkeeper!