Marketing to Gen Z in laundry business

Marketing to Gen Z in Laundry Business: How to get it right in 2023

There is no doubt: Gen Z is built DIFFERENT!

But if you ask who qualifies for Gen Z, then it depends upon who you ask. For this blog, we will take gen Z as anyone born in or after 1997. There is no question that this unique demographic is with ever-growing buying power. As Gen z is a strong influence on commerce and culture growth, businesses and brands that learn to connect with these subcultures will only flourish. 

Similarly, All the Laundry and Dry-cleaning businesses need to connect with these subcultures. You can say that it is the need of the hour if you want your laundry and dry-cleaning business to thrive in the upcoming years. Don’t worry! QDC Software Blogs got your back. This blog is all about the tips and tricks of Marketing to Gen Z in the laundry and dry-cleaning business. 

Now the first Question arises: What makes Gen Z different from Millennials? 

Till now, Gen Z and Millennials were being grouped as “Digital Natives” when it comes to marketing. The distinction between them is always not clear but there are some important differences.

Gen Zer’s are more likely to have post-secondary education, are more racially and ethnically diverse, and are slightly more progressive than millennials. It means they are more likely to be attracted to those things that are with clear values, and informative, transparent, unbiased, and clear communication & connectivity. Similarly, In the laundry and dry-cleaning business, you need to be with clear values and transparency, and try to engage with your customers. 

Now, It becomes important to know how to market to Gen Z.


Marketing to Gen Z in laundry business: 5 Best Practices


1) Put Value First

Gen Z audiences care as much about the company (refers to the brand image) as they do care about the services. Brands that appear “Trustworthy, Transparent and with Values and Ethics” are the big motivating factors of gen Z engagement. 

So, don’t make your Marketing campaign or Social Media Marketing all about Selling. Create content or posts that are explicit about your values and ethics, and what your true motivation is. Create things that send your message to the audience.


For example – As the laundry and dry-cleaning business wants to market to Gen Z then that brand should be transparent about 


      • What chemicals are they going to use? 

      • What kind of procedure do they follow?

      • Is there any harm to the clothes?

      • Is it eco-friendly? 

      • What kind of work conditions are there?

      • Are employees safe with the use of chemicals?

      • What do employees say about your brand?

    • And honest feedback from your customers.

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    2) Speak their Language

    Communication is the key! So, being able to use the language that Gen z can understand and relate to is essential. 

    Gen z is likely to engage with that brand that they relate to. To do that, you need to be well-versed in their vocabulary. Yes, it will take time. Moreover, there’s nothing cooler than trying to be cool! 

    So, what you need to do is, engage with these peeps, and try to build a relationship with them. So, that you would get to know them. Try to pay attention to their vocab, watch Gen Z content, and their jokes, and then slay away!

    The most reliable way that is fail-safe is to make sure your content speaks Gen Z’s language. HIRE them onto your social media or marketing team and give them a chance to input some efforts.


    3) Do not pretend or allyship 

    First, you talked about the values, and then, putting allyship (support for the rights of any group without being related to it) while doing nothing to help the cause isn’t going to make Gen Z like you. 

    In simple words, for all the launderers and dry cleaners. Gen Z is more likely to tie a brand or company which creates a real-world impact on society. For example, if there is a concern related to climate change in society, then you could make a marketing campaign that is related to your ethical practices and eco-friendly initiatives for sustainability (it may include chemicals choice or organic laundry). 

    Make a move whenever you seek an opportunity, that’s what will make you a game changer in your business. Make a great, recent hot-topic marketing strategy inputting your values and your true brand/business story related to it. The message should be clear with proof that will create a real-world impact. 

    One more important tip: Never sound like a hypocrite! Try to avoid posting such content that makes your brand a hypocrite. For example, on one side you are posting about employee rights and their concerns. And on the other side, you are not treating your employees correctly.

    Because the fact is, Gen Z is looking over everything, they are readily available on the internet. No story on social media is unread of the brands they admire. So, if they are admiring and tie with your brand and get to know about the hypocrisy. They will spread it and boom, you can lose your profits, and your brand image. 


    4) EntertainImportant tip – Marketing to Gen Z in laundry business.

    Gen Zens reason for following or engaging with the brands or any company is that “they produce content and information in a very entertaining way”. And “they provide interesting content in a more personal setting.”

    Boring content gets you nowhere. So, try to make content that provides information but is entertaining too. There is no harm in using little sarcasm in your Marketing. 


    5) Personalization and transparency

    Marketers have been using the strategy of personalization in email communication. The tag of FNAME at the beginning of the subject line or body of the email is a personalization that the audience can relate personally with.

    Gen Z audiences always appreciate personalization. Well, everyone loves to receive a message/email like Hello your name, rather than Hello customer/ people.

    It is a fact that emails that use the first names of the audience increase the open rates by 2.6 percent. Sounds cool?

    Another important thing is transparency while Marketing to Gen Z in laundry business, well in the laundry and dry-cleaning business it is very important to provide up-to-date and accurate information to your customers or audience. Be transparent with them!


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