must track reports in 2023

9 must track reports for laundry business in 2023 to optimize your GTM strategy

must track reports for laundry business in 2023

As in the previous blog we have briefly discussed the GTM Strategy for the laundry business. Now it’s the time for you to know how you can improve your GTM strategy through data and reports. So in this blog you will get to know about the 9 must track reports for laundry business in 2023 to optimize your GTM strategy. 

A success of the GTM strategy depends upon the key numbers that you should always be tracking, measuring and optimizing to ensure those numbers are working in your favor.

track reports for laundry business in 2022

First, Let me tell you the reason that why should you track these Reports/ numbers:

  • It helps in identifying scopes for improvements in your GTM strategy.
  • Helps you in allocating your resources efficiently 
  • These numbers keep you motivated to achieve more in future.
  • A better understanding of your business operations. 
  • Helps in taking business decisions to be a successful laundry and dry business.

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To keep things moving in the right direction, there are following key performance indicators (KPIs) or must track reports for laundry business in 2023 that you should monitor closely. So, there you go >>

ck reports for laundry business in 2022

Daily Garments processed

The daily in and out of garments from your Store/Workshop tells you a lot about the health of your operations. You need to check on these numbers to get an idea about the daily trend. If you find some variation in trend on the negative side, you can work upon it without much delay and loss. 

Categorizing your business based on the number of garments processed per day gives you a holistic view of the operations of your business. It will boost your business growth in the long term.

The image given below is the QDC Software – Garment Details Report from which you can check all the garment numbers, and details. Using the date filter you can check it for the previous day, week, year accordingly.  

reports for laundry business

Garment details- QDC Softw2are Window

must track reports for laundry

Daily cash book 

When you open your store, you have to look at your opening balance of the day. All the transactions in or out (means the money you receive from an order at order generation or order delivery or any pre-paid package sale and money you spend on your daily expenses). 

A day can’t be concluded without tracking all the day transactions and matching your closing balance. Checking it will help you to know the regularity of the revenue generated in a day, week or month. It will help you to get a clear idea of where the graph is actually going in the business.

reports for laundry business in 2022

Cash book- QDC Software Screen

reports for laundry business in 2022

Daily Expenses

As in a laundry business, you have to understand that this business requires you to incur many daily expenses. These costs include electricity bills, transportation charges, water bills, maintenance cost of machinery and equipment, wages and others, including all other miscellaneous expenses, track them regularly. You will notice repetitions in these costs after a specific time period. Take these repetitive costs as a base and start searching for the ways to reduce your running costs. 

Once you track these costs, you will be surprised by knowing the number of costs that can be cut down. Thus, just reduce these costs keeping your business profit at the maximum. 

Image Given Below shows the QDC Software– Expenses screen.  

must track reports for laundry business in 2022

Payment Entry- QDC Software Screen

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Account Receivables   

Accounts receivables is the money owed by your customers for which you have given your laundry and dry cleaning services but has not yet collected payment.

You can analyze, compare customer business volume, total pending amount or quantity, first and last visit of the customer, registration source (Walk-in vs home pick ups). You can also compare your customers to get some broad idea about those customers. Check on this report will give you the idea of the amount due on them. So, you will be able to remind them about the same if needed through SMS and WhatsApp alert.

Image given below is the QDC Softwareaccount receivable screen of one such store. Here you can even put filters according to your convenience and can check on many information about customers like orders, garments, pending payments, pending garments, registration source, last visit and others.


Accounts Receivable- QDC Software

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Daily customer addition and Revenue from repeat customers vs new customers

Daily customer addition is a must check report for having a clear idea where your customer acquisition marketing is going. Are you getting enough inquiry about your services, orders or not? 

Checking revenue from your existing customers and new customers is also important. QDC Software tells you about the percentage (%) of revenue being generated by the existing customers and compares it to the revenue generated from new ones. These important numbers will assist you in strategizing on the points where you need improvement and you can take measures to improve in the field (customer acquisition vs Retention) that your business is lacking.

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Daily Customer Addition - QDC Software


Customer at risk report

One of the most important reports is the Customer Trend Analysis. QDC Software tells you about your frequent customers or those who are at risk. Software forecasts the next order of the customers using the trend analysis. Customers are marked at risk for your business if they do not follow up their order trend. They might withdraw from your services. With this important data, you can take timely action and retain those at-risk customers.

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Customer at risk- QDC Software


Customer feedback and complaint

As much as it is important to manage your business effectively, it is equally important to know your customers since they are the main building block of any business. Keep track of your delivery time and the quality of services you are providing. A single mistake from your end can lead you to lose a well-paying customer. It is important to take feedback from every customer after completing an order. If the customer is happy about your services, you will get a good review and if he/she isn’t happy, you will get numbers to work upon. Either way, tracking customer feedback will prove to be a boon for your business.

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Customer feedback- QDC Software


Package analytics:  

The prepaid package engine of the QDC Software is loved by all the laundry and dry cleaners worldwide and are able to increase sales by 37% and garments by 19%.

All Laundry and dry cleaning businesses need to check on the packages that you are offering to your customers. As we know, pre-paid packages are something really important for the laundry and dry cleaning business. They are able to contribute to Customer retention in Laundry Business more than you think. 

Regular check on these packages will update you about the revenue generated from it, the number of customers with packages, packages time period and from these data you will get an overview of your next successful packages plan.

To know more about QDC Software Pre-paid packages and its benefits you can read our blog. Click here!

QDC Pre-paid packages


Garment Status

Garment status report will tell you about the status of an order along with the status of the garments available in your store/workshop. Whether the orders are ready, fully or partially, Delivered or not delivered, any order which is partially pending or ready for delivery. You can also filter your urgent order, home delivery order easily.

Regular check on this garment status report will help you in doing on time delivery and recover your account receivables on time which ultimately leads your business to better profitability.

QDC Software– Garment status report will give you various options. You can select a particular service, any filter or date according to your will. This report updates you about every garment entering your store/workshop. 

QDC Software

Garment status- QDC Software

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QDC Provides you with a number of reports which are really helpful for every laundry and dry cleaning business in its journey. These are the must track reports for laundry business in 2023. We are here with the aim to help every laundry and dry cleaning business to become a successful business. QDC Software enables you the 2x growth and high revenue generation with many features that every laundry and dry cleaning business wishes for. Start your 14 days free trial of Quick Dry Cleaning software right now >> Click Here! 

If you are thinking of entering into this laundry and dry cleaning business. Don’t forget to download the E-book for free “A comprehensive guide to start a laundry and dry cleaning business”

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