GTM Strategy for the laundry business

GTM Strategy for the laundry business

GTM Strategy for the laundry business

GTM Strategy for the laundry business

Welcome Back to the QDC Software Blogs! As we have already discussed in the previous blogs about the strategy for “How to start a laundry and dry cleaning business” and “The Laundry and Dry Cleaning equipment you needed to get started”. So, now moving to the next step of creating Go-to-Market / GTM Strategy for the laundry Business.



In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about GTM strategy for the laundry business and dry cleaning business. Ready to jump ahead? Here’s a cheat sheet with everything you can find in this article: –

  1. What is a go-to-market/ GTM strategy for the laundry business?
  2. Why is GTM so important for the laundry business?
  3. What are the steps to create your own GTM strategy for the laundry business?
  • Define your Target Market and Create ICP (Ideal Customer Persona).
  • Map your customer journey.
  • Define your USP (Unique selling proposition).


What is a go-to-market/ GTM strategy for the laundry business?

In general, A GTM strategy requires in-depth planning to figure out exactly where your product or service fits into the target market and how you will reach and engage your target audience.

Now in a laundry and dry cleaning business. You need to figure out your target customers, how you will reach them and engage with the target audience. For example you have a retail laundry and dry cleaning store. So basically all the nearby inhabitants of your store location are your primary targets. Whether they are the young generation, Busy parents, working professionals, Retired and the elderly, Middle income group who dry clean their clothes on monthly basis or the frequent travelers.

Why is GTM so important for the laundry business?

Creating a GTM strategy will helps your dry cleaning and laundry business: – 

  • Create a clear path for growth
  • Avoid costly mistake associated with the service launch
  • Deliver a better customer experience that caters to the unique buyer’s journey
  • Easily adapt to change and overcome challenges in regards to the go-to-market strategy.
  • Gain a competitive advantage in your target market.
  • Boost your chances of achieving a successful  launch


While you’ll need to invest substantial time and resources in creating one, a well planned GTM strategy gives your product or service the best chance of both short and long-term success.


3 steps to create your own GTM strategy for the laundry business


Step 1: Define your Target Market and Create ICP

Your target market is the group of people that have a need or desire for your laundry and dry cleaning service. 

Defining your target market starts with the target customer: who is most likely to get laundry or dry cleaning service from you?


It depends upon your laundry segment, like if you have hotel laundry then all the hotels nearby your store are your target customers, but if you have a retail market then all the people residing nearby your store location are your target.

To know more about your target customers click here >> 5 Types of Customers every Launderer and Dry Cleaner must target (


Creating Ideal Customer Personas

To understand your core customer groups and work out who your GTM strategy is aimed at, you should map out buyer personas. These are fictional, generalized characters based on your ideal customer. 

To start bringing your fictional customers to life, you need to answer the following questions:


  • Where do my customers live?
  • How old are they?
  • What’s their gender?
  • What are their interests?
  • What’s their income range?
  • What is their relationship status?
  • What are their reasons for choosing your service? (Like: – elder citizens, college going youngsters , working profession, busy parents etc.)
  • What concerns do they have when using my laundry and dry cleaning service?
  • Where do they currently go for similar service?

GTM Strategy for the

It’s possible that you’ll have more than one type of customer. In that case, you’ll need to use segmentation to create several personas that reflect the various customer types that take service from your laundry business.

GTM Strategy for the laundry business

Step 2: Map your customer journey

Now that you know who you’re targeting, the next step is to map out their journey — how they go from curious visitor to paying customer.

Broadly speaking the customer journey includes four stages: –

GTM Strategy for the laundry business


This stage is all about establishing presence offline and online both. It is the stage where trust and authority comes to place. Whenever a person is in a problem or in need, He/ She starts looking for a solution. For example if a person got a stain on a blazer and he wanted it dry clean. Suddenly, he comes through with the hoarding of your store or maybe he opens google and types dry clean near me. Your store profile flashes there.

That is the point of time when that person looked at your GMB profile or hoarding, and got aware of your store. So. you need to work upon your online and offline presence. Make your GMB profile, successful store launch event, flyers distribution, coupons, discounts and offers, hoardings, posters, online promotion on various social media and many more.

GTM Strategy for the laundry business


After getting aware about your business, the person shows interest in your offerings and maybe comes up to the store to seek information about services you provide, offers and discounts, pricing etc. Give them your card, explain to them about your services. 

So, When a person has shown interest in your marketing materials they move onto the consideration stage and become a potential prospect.

GTM Strategy for the laundry business


Now a prospect is weighing up their options like your store or others. Should they invest their money in your product or service? Sales and marketing need to work together to convince the prospect that they’re making the right choice. That is the point where a prospect needs to make a decision.

Once a sale is made, It is your chance to make them happy with your service and packaging. Don’t forget that this is the time when your branding comes into play.

GTM Strategy for the laundry business


Once you have a customer, you need to do everything you can to keep them. According to the book Marketing Metrics, there’s a 60%-70% chance that a customer will make at least one more purchase from your company. 

Studies also show that happy customers spend more. Plus, keeping the customers you have is five-times cheaper than acquiring new ones. Reward loyalty with personalized offers, packages, referral bonuses and loyalty programs that allow customers to earn discounts and special privileges.  

GTM Strategy for the laundry business

To know more about the retaining customers you can click here >> 

How to retain customers in the dry cleaning and laundry business.

Customer Retention in Laundry Business through QDC Pre-Paid Packages.

Customer retention is the new acquisition

GTM Strategy for the laundry business

Step 3 : Define your USP (Unique selling proposition)

In order to convert your customers or prospects into loyal customers, you need to stand out. While a potential customer happily enjoys your service, they’ll almost certainly be researching other businesses at the same time.

GTM Strategy for the laundry business

So what is it that you stand for? What do you offer that makes you different — better — than the competition?

GTM Strategy for the laundry business

Defining your position and unique selling point (USP) is what separates you from the rest. It shows customers that what you offer is something they won’t find anywhere else.

GTM Strategy for the laundry business


GTM Strategy for the laundry business

GTM Strategy for the laundry business

Once you know your USP, you need to define your value proposition. A value proposition tells your customers not just what separates you from the crowd, but why your differences matter. It goes a step deeper psychologically to reveal why your product or service will truly be a better choice than anything else on the market, and how it will provide lasting value.  

From here, you can create your positioning statement. 

GTM Strategy for the laundry business

This one-to-two sentence statement should align with your brand goals and values and declare what makes you special. 


Tumbledry-  Tumbledry Solutions Private Limited is India’s number #1 company in the Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business. The largest organized technology-driven laundry chain in India with 200+ stores within 2.5 years of operations. 

Tumbledry provides the 6 stage process which is very differ from the other laundry business. This is how Tumbledry positioned and create USP. 

GTM Strategy for the laundry business

GTM Strategy for the laundry business

Tumbledry started their journey with QDC software as the technology partner and there are lots of cutting edge strategies tumble dry followed. Click on the link below and read full case study of Tumbledry in the words of Mr. Gaurav Nigam (Co-Founder and Director of Tumbledry)

Tumblrdry Case study

Do you think that creating and implementing a GTM strategy is enough? I think not!

We need to collect, analyze and use that data to optimize the strategy for the long term and the fastest growth. 

Want to know, What reports, data do you really need to optimize your strategy?

Stay tuned! For our upcoming blog >>>