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8 Essential Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment’s you Need to Get Started.

Laundry and dry cleaning industry is one of the fastest growing industries and a profitable business now-a-days. If you want to start your Laundry and dry cleaning business or want to convert your laundry business work process from manual to automations then you are at the correct place and you can take advantage of this blog. We will tell you about some Laundry and Dry Cleaning equipment’s that is necessary to opt. If you are already running your dry cleaning business then you can cross-check whether you are doing all things right or not. 

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Dry cleaning

If you want a quick summary of our QDC e-book then you can read one of our blog on How to start a laundry business in India. Now, you have read the E-book and know all the steps. So, it’s time to learn about what kind of laundry and Dry Cleaning equipment’s you need to start the laundry and dry cleaning business. New business owners must invest in laundry and dry cleaning equipment’s before they can open their doors to customers. This investment varies depending on the quality of the dry cleaning equipment you purchase.

8 laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment’s you need to get started are:

The equipment you purchase for your dry cleaning business will be one of the most expensive. And a very important part of opening your business. Here’s what all you need are: 


Firstly, you need to plan and estimate the things according to the locality, your number of customers and garments you are going to serve. Your choice of washers depends on your expectation of what output you need.

Washers save your time and energy, so they are necessary for every laundry and dry cleaning business. These types of equipment are built to handle large load capacities and have a reliable warranty.

When you choose your washers, you need to take care of the following points.

  1. Holding Capacity- what kg of clothes does it hold during process
  2. The length of the cycle- The times it takes to wash the load
  3. The size of the Drum
  4. What are the key features it has?
  5. How much space does it cover?
  6. Warranty period and post sales service 
  7. How much electricity does it consume?

As we all know, laundry and dry cleaning equipment require a high capital. So, you need to be very cautious while buying it. So that you do not spend too much on repairing and maintenance.


Dryers are one the equipment that are responsible for high running operational cost because of its electricity consumption. It consumes a large amount of electricity during its process. So, it becomes a necessity to go for good dryers.

You need to consider all the points mentioned above in the washers like Holding capacity, key features, energy consumption, service, warranty and others. Additionally, if you want to save more on utility costs, then you should go for the dryers that have moisture sensors. It will automatically turn off the machine before overheating and prevents the fabric from being exposed to unnecessary heat.

Every Laundry and Dry cleaning business needs to dry several fabrics frequently. So choosing a dryer while measuring all these things will boost your operations and output.

Cleaning Chemicals

There are many different types of fabric and stain that regularly reach your store and you need different chemicals accordingly. Sorting out the kind of chemicals you need to treat your garments come into the picture. 

Choose good quality eco-friendly fabric-cleaning chemicals so that they will not damage the fabric as well the environment while using it.

These fabric-cleaning chemicals include

  1. Detergents
  2. Stain Removers
  3. Starch
  4. Upholstery cleaner
  5. Suede or leather cleaner if plan to service jackets and coats
  6. Color-safe bleach
  7. Downy fabric conditioner 
  8. Proprietary whiteness-enhancing chemicals

Presses and Steamers

Presses and Steamers give clothes a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance. You never want to have wrinkles on the washed garments, and it is the work of steamers to remove any wrinkles that build up on the fabrics. This makes steamers important equipment for your laundry business; they come with detachable steam brushes and could handle large amounts of garments. 

A good pressing and steamer machine should have clear and easy-to-understand safety controls to help you and your staff operate with ease. 

Sorting Bins, another Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment’s you required.

Sorting bins helps in keeping the clothes separate. Whether you have to separate whites from colors, or one customer’s order from another, sorting bins are there to help and become an important piece of laundry and dry cleaning equipment.

Sorting bins will help your laundry and dry cleaning business keep orders organized, and used to transport clothes from the sorting space to and from the washer and dryer.

Hangers, Garment Coverings & Racks

After a garment is cleaned, it needs to be placed on the hangers and into the garment coverings/packaging. Always Make sure that you must have more than enough hangers and garment coverings/packaging materials.

The Garment coverings keep the garments/clothes neat and clean. Basic clothing racks will come in handy during the dry cleaning process. 

Clean and tidy garments and its coverings/packaging’s are responsible for the good brand marketing. Even one can pre- print the logo and name for the branding.

There are a number of packaging materials available in the market you can choose the best suited for you.

POS System, one of the important Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment’s you must need.

A point of sale (POS) system is what you need to take orders and charge customers for your services. You need a system to track customer orders and how much they pay for services.

QDC POS for the laundry and dry cleaning business is here with all the features you have only dreamt about!

It is an easy and intuitive point-of-sale system enriched with Customer Relationship Management. And with this, you are enabled to expand your business and can create an outstanding brand value.

QDC enables you to keep a record of your customers, record their preferences, send them SMS, email, WhatsApp, mobile notifications along with digital payments links. This ensures great customer experience and helps you to scale your business manifolds.

QDC also provides the QDC Mobile POS. With that Mobile POS, you can achieve

  • Doorstep order generation
  • Doorstep order delivery 
  • Share digital payments link
  • Seamless customer communication with SMS, e-mail and WhatsApp
  • save time and efforts
  • Manage pick-ups and drop-off requests
  • In-built CRM system

Read more about QDC Mobile POS here!

Information tags

Whenever a customer service representative takes an order, they are likely to fill out the preferences and the other information that will help keep track of the order. This will likely stay with the client’s clothes throughout the laundry and dry cleaning process.

This tag should stay with the garment until it’s picked up by the customer. While garments are in the washer, dryer, and press, the tag should be in a designated area for that location away from all other tags so you know to whom the garments belong.

QDC enables you with barcode, QR codes tags. These tags are wash proof and helps in garment sorting, packaging, identification of garments and ensure right garment delivery to customers.

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