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QDC Mobile POS – win the dry cleaning and laundry business with this one app!

With QDC On-Demand Business model in shape and ready to roll, we are excited to inform all our dry cleaning and laundry business owners about the latest and the coolest part of the entire model. Still unaware of what, why and how of On-Demand? Read here before it’s too late!

Like the finishing note of a song should be good enough to steal the show, we have the best finishing application for you to save your day and boost your business. As the last cog in the wheel, QDC Mobile POS Application for laundry business is here with all the features you have only dreamt about!

Sounds too good to be true?

So, without beating around the bush anymore, let’s straight get to the point of how awesome and how necessary is QDC Mobile POS Application for your dry cleaning and laundry business.

What is Mobile POS?

To put it simply, Mobile POS is the last puzzle piece of the QDC On-Demand business model which will boost your dry cleaning and laundry business.

It is a smart and user-friendly mobile application for the drivers or service boys in your dry cleaning business. In extension to the entire Quick Dry Cleaning Software suite, Mobile POS Application for dry cleaning business is here to simplify the management of home pick-up and drop-off business.

What does Mobile POS do?

With automation taking over all business and industry, how do you as a regular dry cleaner or laundry business owner plan to keep up? With this pos in place, you certainly become the champion dry cleaner, beating away the odds and winning business and customers.

Mobile POS is simply the best mobile application that best utilizes your limited workforce and resources and yet allows you to grow your business impact.

Wondering how? This is how it happens!

QDC Mobile POS converts your smartphone or tablet into an easy and intuitive point of sale system enriched with Customer Relationship Management. And with this enabled, you get to:

Expand your business: No more geographical or financial barriers for you. Now instead of opening full-fledged stores at multiple locations, get commissioned employees for your dry cleaning and laundry business and make your business cross all borders

Create an outstanding brand value: Be the first one in the business to offer convenience and quality to your customers.

With Mobile POS, now achieve:

  • Doorstep order generation: saving time and efforts
  • Assign orders to pick-up boys
  • Auto-routing and map navigation for drivers
  • Manage pick-ups and drop-off requests
  • In-built CRM system
  • Seamless customer communication

Better security and management options: Plug pilferages and monitor payments in an efficient manner. With the smart and idiot-proof Mobile POS, gain the freedom of improved customer handling and brilliant interaction.

Excited? We are too!

That’s why we already have an action-plan just reserved for you. Throw away your worries now and give us a call right away!


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With Quick Dry Cleaning Mobile POS, let’s launch away your business to greater heights!