impact of quick dry cleaning software

Best Practices to maximize the impact of Quick Dry Cleaning Software

The impact of Quick Dry Cleaning Software is that it can help you achieve wonderful goals that you never thought of in managing your dry cleaning and/or laundry business. You can follow the below mentioned practices and see for yourselves how small changes in your usage can bring about dramatic improvements in operations.

so, to maximize the impact of quick dry cleaning software some of the important points are-

  • Never share admin password and change it frequently:

  • Never share your login credentials: each user should access the system with his/her user id and password. System captures the activities of every user and this information can be useful in case of any eventuality.
  • Maintain proper data of customers: Including their preferences and anniversary dates so that you can give them the service that they want.
  • Use keyboard and shortcut to improve efficiency: like pressing ‘F1’ to open order booking screen from wherever you are.
  • Diligently set up Short Names in Item Master: You can save up to 70% of your time if you use proper short names (item code) in the system. This enables the user to directly select the item and helps avoid scanning through the list of items and then selecting the needed one, at the booking of a new order.
  • Set Up Master data for Description and Color Master: It is always advised to mention the garment condition, brand, fabric, and color at the time of booking an order. This helps in identifying the garment in case the tag rips off due to any reason and also to negotiate with the customers in case of claims that the garment got damaged while processing.
  • Appropriately Configure Barcode Tags: Tags are attached so that your employees could refer these at various points during the cleaning lifecycle of the garments. Your washer will refer to check for some instructions to follow at the time of cleaning, press man will look for customer preferences and sales man will look invoice number for packing and delivery. It becomes very important to arrange the information on these tags as per the need and desires of the employees so that the required information is easily accessible. With Quick Dry Cleaning Software you can design your tags including: choose what information you want on tags, its sequence, size, positioning, alignment and styling. Once set, get it verified by your staff and observe how easy or difficult it is for them to fetch that information at the real time.
  • Ask your customers their preferred way of communication: Every customer has different attitude and habits, ask your customer about their preferred way of communication- email and/or SMS and communicate with them accordingly.
  • Track your orders and inform customers of any delay: Use advanced tracking mechanism offered by Quick Dry Cleaning Software to track orders. For all orders that you are sure you are not going to make ready on time, inform customers in advance. This is to save their effort and also makes them feel important.
    Keep a track on employee’s activities: Regularly monitor the activities of your employees through various reports and do a stock reconciliation on and off. This will keep you informed about the performance of your employees and keep them on their toes.
  • Start Generating Statements for billing of customers: For customers who settle their payments on monthly/quarterly/semi annually/annually basis, start generating their bills using statement provided in Reports section. This will help you to present yourself as a professional organization in front of clients and hence can help you in brand building.
  • Always take back up on Pen Drive or external HDD: A machine can falter anytime and you will lose all your important business data with it. It is advised to take regular backups and transfer the latest backup file to any external drive.