Manage your Laundry Business

How to Better Manage your Laundry Business with QDC Software?

In the current times, when technology has made everything easy, it is redundant to manage your laundry business manually. Quick Dry Cleaning Software is helping bring about a technological revolution in the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Industry. And enabling the traditional businessman to easily stay updated in the market.

In the previous blog, Loopholes in the Laundry Business Operations. Eventually, we talked about the common problems that faced by the dry cleaning and laundry businesses. This article will focus on how these loopholes can be solved by incorporating Quick Dry Cleaning (QDC) Software into your business process.

So, here is how the software helps close all the loopholes hindering the progress of your business.

Get Rid of Manual Bill Books

QDC Software is an efficient Laundry and Dry Cleaning Software. It eliminates the need for a business owner to maintain a number of books. Certainly, Once the order generated through the system, the software automatically generates simultaneous entries in Order Report, Work Order Report (Challan) and the Cash Book. Hence, All your data store on a secure cloud with sufficient backups. So, that there is no possibility of data loss even in the case of system failure. 

Even if a customer comes after 6 months to collect his order. You can figure out the entire order history of the customer in less than 3 seconds. Markedly, every small detail of the customer can be known. Your customer info, order history, payments become very streamlined.

Customized Preferences of Customers

Being a service industry, Dry Cleaners and Launderers have to take great care of preferences of their customers and provide personalized service. In a manual style of working, it is impossible to do so. Because there is no mechanism to record such data about the customers. And even if someone tries to do it manually, it is very hectic and impractical. 

QDC Software has this amazing feature of recording customer preferences such as, washing deep colors separately, light or no starch, delivery on the hanger, or fold packed etc. eventually, which are readily available to the person making the order.

No Wrong Deliveries – No Compensations

With QDC Software, you can generate automated barcode enabled tags for each garment. The clothes scanned at the time of delivery. It makes the identification of garments seamless. So, this helps ensure that the clothes go to their respective owners, minimizing the risk of unnecessary confusion at the time of delivery. 

This helps the business achieve two things. For one, this mechanism makes sure that your compensations due to wrong deliveries come down to zero. Secondly, this shows your professionalism to the customer and helps create a positive impact in his mind. Moreover, operational cost is also reduced as the cost of 1 tag is just between 15 paise to 20 paise (0.4 to 0.6 cents).

Customer Communication Management

Lack of direct interaction with your customer can be a source of problems that you might not anticipate in a normal working scenario. In our 12+ years of experience, we’ve noticed that good customer interaction can help in avoiding many critical problems like misunderstandings related to service and delivery and pickups. It also helps you build a relationship with your customer. Also, in an unorganized laundry business, the customer interaction is a bare minimum. 

With only essentials being exchanged, which can create some unnecessary confusion. However, QDC Software helps you open up channels of customer interaction and communicate things like confirmation of delivery, Order status and the amount paid for the order. You can make communication via Email, SMS, WhatsApp and mobile app notification and it will make it very efficient and effective.

Safeguard Your Business against Theft and Pilferage

Barcode enabled tags makes it possible for the software to keep track of each and every garment at all stages of processing. Making it impossible for any kind of theft or pilferage to take place at your store. If any garment goes missing. It is very easy to track its whereabouts and establish accountability with the help of this laundry tracking software. 

QDC Software is a cloud-based software. Therefore, it means that you can monitor the operations of your store even from the convenience of your home. Basically, this helps in gaining the trust of your customers. Moreover, it eliminates your compensations against the lost garments and helps safeguard your hard-earned revenue.

Business Measurement and Analytics

Every businessman wants to grow his/her business. But taking the important decisions based on your gut is not a good idea. Decisions like rolling out discounts, expanding into new services, introducing new pricing policy, purchasing new machines etc. These all are strategically very important decisions for your business and hence require careful examination of facts. However, these facts weren’t traditionally available to the dry cleaners and launderers.

With the help of QDC Software and it’s state of the art Business Intelligence. It has become very easy to get these numbers in a format. Which will streamline your decision-making process and make it extremely easy. QDC is an intelligent laundry business analytics software which enables you to manage your laundry business effeciently and make business-oriented decisions faster and better.

So, Start FREE Trial for 14 days now and explore how Quick Dry Cleaning Software can help you better manage your Dry Cleaning and Laundry Business.