Android redefining Laundry Apps

Android Defining New Ways of Laundry Business

Technology is bringing about change in every aspect of life and businesses are eyeing mobile phones and tablets as the next big thing. It is indeed the area where most of the companies are targeting their funds to be ready with the change. There’s also lots of new ways of laundry business to define.

The basic idea of getting into mobile computing is based on the fact that mobile is one device which is always near to a person. A person may or may not have access to computer when away from the work desk or home but that is not the case with mobile phones in most of the circumstances. Advent of tablets has further decreased the use of laptops for leisure and business activities, that do not require heavy computing power, to a great extent.

Believing in the power of these upcoming phenomena, Quick Dry Cleaning Software team has come up with Android based solutions for Dry Cleaning and laundry business that can be run over mobiles and tablets. The company recently launched 2 products that can really help the dry cleaners as well as general public who use the services of these dry cleaners.

  1. Mobile Dry Cleaning Application for Home Pick Ups: This is an android application compatible to be used on android tablets and mobile phones. This application facilitates home pickups of dry cleaning orders from customers door step. The application is connected with the cloud based server and order is available to be viewed from the head office/store for business owners and managers at run time. This means as soon as the order is generated it can be viewed and tracked. This helps automate the entire process and tracking of the garments right from the order pick up.
  2. Customer Status Check: This application is for customers of dry cleaning business. This helps people to track their garments readiness status. Currently it is a time consuming process for customers to call up dry cleaners and get the status of their orders. The newly launched app is expected to solve this problem and make things convenient for clients.

This is just the beginning and many more advancements are in line to follow up. These new innovations are certain to change the way dry cleaning businesses are being run.