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Impact of Covid-19 on Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business- A Guide to Recovery

Last year, this month, when Coronavirus started spreading and forcing the world to shut down, the dry cleaning and laundry industry had to pay a major toll. There was a huge impact of Covid-19 on Laundry and Dry Cleaning Businesses. No Dry Cleaner or Launderer had ever thought of this kind of problem and the dry cleaning business was mostly recession-free before Covid-19 hit the world. Being related to the hygiene industry, one can expect growth in these businesses. But how will the growth drive itself when people are staying at home and not giving their clothes for laundry? And so despite major tries, many dry cleaning and laundry businesses shut down their operations during the pandemic. But there were some which were still able to bear the losses out of the pandemic. If your business was one of them, then congratulations, you have passed a major test of time.

As you know, each coin has two sides. Covid-19 might have bought huge problems with it but it also gave you many opportunities for growing your business and adopting the changes in the industry. 

So, when businesses started opening up after the lockdown, the competition was not for the highest profit or brand presence, it was about survival. Many of our clients faced huge challenges while opening up.

How did we help Dry Cleaning and Laundry Businesses during the pandemic?

  • Postponement of some of the software renewal dates and in some extreme cases. We let go of our revenue and let our customers use the software for free for months.
  • Helping our customers in sorting out the transactional data thus helping them recover money from all their customers during the lockdown. 
  • Conducting webinars to make our customers aware of the situations during the lockdown and helped them in every possible way to keep their business alive.
  • Fostering relationships among our customers by helping them solve mutually beneficial problems during the crisis.
  • A certain percentage of discounts were also given to some of the clients on software renewals.
  • QDC also helped dry cleaning and laundry businesses in marketing their business better for getting more customers after the opening up of lockdown.

Now that a year has passed after the beginning of the pandemic and vaccinations are in place, this is time for dry cleaning businesses to execute business strategies and revamp their growth.

Here is a List of Business Strategies to revamp your Business Growth:

  • Make sure your store is clean and properly sanitized at all times. Customers are now taking more care of cleanliness and dry cleaning, as a business is for cleanliness only.
  • Make sure that every employee of yours who is going for home pickup and delivery wears a mask properly and takes care of sanitization.
  • Focus on Digital Marketing for marketing your business. With digitalization becoming the trend in 2021, it is very important to adapt to the needs of the changing work environment. Here is a list of marketing strategies to get more customers in your laundry business. 
  • Find your forte of customers and focus on making better connections with them. Knowing your customer is required to provide them with personalized services. Read about it more here.
  • Now that the pandemic has shown how worse can things get, it is important to be prepared for such recessions at all times. And the only way to be prepared for such recessions is by growing the business. Business scaling is as important as business automation
  • Attend online events and webinars related to the dry cleaning and laundry industry. There is no better way to stay informed about the market changes than to stay connected with other professionals like you.
  • Focus more on Digital Payments. After making most of the payments through digital mediums, people are becoming reluctant to make payments in cash. With Quick Dry Cleaning software, our clients offer their customers, the options of making the payment through Paytm, Razorpay and PayPal. 
  • Focus on Digitalization. With the Application and Web-based services market looming the world after the pandemic, more people are inclined towards businesses that offer them these services. M-Pos is one of the widely used applications in the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Industry. Read more about it here.


A business that sees a problem, faces it and identifies its solution before it destroys the business, is the one that stays in the long run. So, Don’t let a pandemic ruin your chances of growth. Get Up and Change for the Best. Laundry and Dry Cleaning are here to stay for long. 

Always remember: Make changes as per the customers before customers change you.

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