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Top Five Marketing Strategies for Dry Cleaners in 2021

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Ever wondered why that competitor of yours has more brand presence than you, even though you provide a better service? Well, the answer to this question lies in their marketing strategies. Here, we discuss the top five marketing strategies for dry cleaners in 2021.

Marketing is the most powerful tool to get noticed online and accelerate business growth in 2021. With the world moving towards digitalization after facing the crisis of Covid-19, you surely don’t want to miss out on your customers by not being dynamic with the changes in the dry cleaning business marketing strategies.

So, here we are providing a list of the top five marketing strategies for dry cleaners that you can adopt to become the king of your business. These laundry marketing strategies were adopted by most of our enterprise clients in the initial stages of their dry cleaning business.

1. Social Media Marketing 

Social Media is a tool which if not leveraged in 2021 can lead you to lose a huge chunk of new customers. The young generation and professionals with less time in hand form the maximum percentage of the customers of dry cleaning and laundry businesses. These customers spend a major percentage of their time on social media. So, what else can be better than luring these customers by increasing your social media visibility?  If you are new to social media, then you should start with creating an account of your business on ‘Google My Business’ to create your online presence. After that, you can move on to leverage the benefits of various social media platforms by creating an account of your dry cleaning business on all of them. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most used social media marketing platforms for dry cleaners in 2021. Start posting about your business once you have created an account. 

Some tips and Social Media Marketing Strategies for Dry Cleaners:

  • Be Consistent: Post regularly or on alternate days. Businesses that are consistent on their social media accounts have higher chances of being noticed than others. 
  • Focus on helping the customers: A Wise Man once said, ‘The Best way to sell a product is to actually not sell it’. Treat your customers as your friends, identify the problems they are having and provide them with solutions to those problems. This is the best dry cleaning business marketing strategy for every laundry and dry cleaning business out there to survive in the long run. 
  • A Little Sarcasm hurts none: Sarcasm is a widely used business strategy that no one directly speaks of. Twitter receives a lot of tweets every day but only a few get noticed because those few are the ones with which people can relate to. So, engage with your customers on social media and understand what they like, to offer them the best-personalized laundry and dry cleaning services.
  • Inform them: Inform your customers of the latest discounts or services you are offering through social media. Create hype around it on social media to see customers coming in. Put a particular focus on this on festivals and special occasions.
  • Social Media Strategy: It is very important to create a workable social media strategy to avoid impromptu posts and make use of social media effectively. Make a social media strategy for your dry cleaning business like ‘Mondays for Informatory Posts, Tuesdays for Quick Polls, and so on’
2. Digital Marketing

When Google started Google Ads in 2000, I guess even it wasn’t aware that it would be a pretty big marketing tool in the upcoming 20 years. Today, Digital Marketing contributes to more than 60% of the customers coming in for almost every business. With customers searching for Keywords like ‘Dry Cleaning services near me’ almost every day, Digital Marketing is on a boom and what else can be better than making use of this boom for your business. Rank yourself on keywords based on your business, change your on-page and off-page SEO Strategies and get started with Google Ads to begin with. Move on slowly to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Ads according to your requirements. With digitalization in its full swing in 2021, make use of the best digital marketing strategies out there for your dry cleaning business.

3. Pre-Paid Packages and Promotional Discounts

How many times has it happened with you that you went shopping for a shirt, saw a sale of ‘Buy Two, Get One Free’ and ended up buying two shirts rather than one? Of course, it happens with each one of us whenever we see such a sale. Our psychology makes us think about the benefit we will get out of this deal instead of deciding how much we want to spend on that particular product. Human psychology works the same way in all types of industries. So, the next time whenever a customer visits you, try offering them a package like ‘Get 5 clothes dry cleaned for the price of 4’ and see how he/she reacts to hearing this deal. We advise our clients to keep pre-paid packages as an important part of their business strategy to grow in long run. Pre-Paid packages impact on laundry business is very high and they are one of the best ways to improve both customer retention and acquisition.

4. Word-of-Mouth Promotion

Whenever I buy a new product online, I don’t forget to see the reviews it has from its previous buyers. Or whenever any friend recommends me a product that I need, I make sure that I check it out once. Most of the times, I end up buying that product from the place which my friend recommended. And I am sure, you must also be doing the same. As humans, we believe in interpersonal relationships and what our peers tell us.  All these aspects of customer preferences come under Word-Of-Mouth Promotion. 

Ways for you to do Word-Of-Mouth Promotion are:

  • Engage with the customers whenever possible, try to understand their preferences and offer them the solutions accordingly. Remember how your barber sees the type of hair you have and insists you on buying his product and services to improve your hair while you are having a haircut. Yes, Just like that! How else would the customers then know about the promotions which you are offering on your dry cleaning and laundry services.
  • Know your customers and give each customer a certain discount for bringing a new customer for you. This is one of the most used laundromat marketing strategies.
  • Ask customers to leave reviews for your services on your social media handles. (Remember, We read reviews before buying a product.)
5. Promotional Emails and SMS

After deciding the promotions which you plan on giving the customers, it becomes difficult to inform the customer about the promotions and offers for them. You can surely inform a customer about an offer whenever he/she visits your store. But what happens when the customer is not visiting your store for a long time. In this case, Emails and SMSs come handy. Send Emails and SMS to your customers informing them about the latest offers you have for them. Decide on these offers based on the previous dry cleaning or laundry services enrolled by them. There is a very high chance that a customer will come back for your service when she/he sees a personalized offer for her/him. We help all our clients in sending Emails and SMSs to their customers through in-built marketing tools in our software. The tool enables you to see the previous purchases of a customer, decide a package for her/him and inform them about the same through Email and SMS. 

Always remember- A Good Marketing Strategy with the Right Tools can take you places. 

Make sure you do try all the above marketing strategies for dry cleaners to market your business and rise above the bar.

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