Clothing care tips- Take Care of Clothes

10 Ways to Take Care of Clothes and Make them last longer

Clothing is an expensive affair in today’s time and it’s really a bad feeling to see your favourite clothes that you buy wear out so fast. For this, we bring to you some of the most basic and effective 10 tips to take care of clothes and make them last longer. 

1. Check for Spots

When you take off your clothes look for tears, spots etc. that might lead to cloth hampering in future. Clothes that look clean and smell fresh should not be sent for washing and hung for wearing again. By this, you can increase the life of your clothes.

2. Act Quick

Deal with spots, stain etc. as quickly as you can. The more you wait to ignore, the harder it becomes removing the spot as its hold increases manifolds. So either you wash it yourself or give it for dry cleaning, make sure you get rid of that spot as soon as possible. 

3. Take care of washing instructions

Wash clothes in warm water for lesser wrinkles. Also, consider the colours of clothes before washing them. Don’t compile dark clothes with light ones while washing. Dark and light clothes must be cleaned separately. Last but not the least, never miss reading the washing instructions given on the cloth.

4. Don’t crush your clothes

Making a heap of clothes may seriously ruin the shape of clothes. It may seriously disturb the quality of your clothing too. So, avoid keeping your clothes in an improper environment for their better lifespan. Clothes should always be kept properly and such that they have enough breathing space.

5. Iron them properly

Regularly ironing your clothes leads to wearing out of your clothes. Iron your clothes after reading the instructions given. Also, check for the desired heat settings for the type of fabric. Iron too hot can ruin the fabric.

6. Use Quality hangers

Using good quality hangers would keep your clothes in shape. Poor quality and badly shaped hangers may cause damage to the shoulders of your cloth. Try to make use of wooden hangers instead of plastic hangers. Plastic hangers may stretch out the necklines of your garments. On the other hand, wooden hangers cause no such harm and are eco-friendly as well. Here are some ways to make your laundry more eco-friendly. 

7. Give for Dry Cleaning when needed

Clothes with stains and which haven’t been used for a long time should be given for dry cleaning as soon as possible. Timely Dry Cleaning of Clothes maintains the life span of clothes. If you are a Dry Cleaner, here are some methods to market your business. 

8. Empty Pockets

Do not forget to empty the pockets of all clothes before washing them and giving them for laundry. Any item left in the pockets of clothes can turn out to be a major problem for you if not checked. 

9. Go for Air Drying

If possible, air-dry your clothes. Clothes which are air-dried last longer than the ones that are dried in machines. The use of a machine dryer causes the fabric to shrink and makes it worse over time. Always air dry your clothes when you have the required environment.

10. Know the basic repairs

Knowing basic repairs for clothes like replacing a loose thread or placing a missing button will come in handy for making your clothes last longer. These things can be fixed very quickly if you know them well. 

All these practices, when followed rigorously, will make your clothes last much longer. However, if you are a Laundry and Dry Cleaning business owner, in addition to all these practices, it is important for you to take care of your customers’ needs. One satisfied customer is much more beneficial than a hundred unsatisfied customers. Read how you can take care of your customers’ needs.

Note: The Blog was initially published in March 2013 and has been updated for comprehensiveness in June 2021.

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