Grow Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business

6 Ways to Grow your Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business

Operating a laundry business can be demanding, especially when you are a new or small business. Many competitors in the market are much better established than you. And it breaks the heart to see that despite doing all the efforts, you aren’t able to gear up to their level. At such a point, you feel the need to grow your Laundry and Dry Cleaning business as quickly as possible. So, don’t worry. We are here for you. 

Below, we are covering 6 Ways to Grow your Laundry and Dry Cleaning business. If you religiously follow these ways, there are very high chances that your business will gear up like never before.


1. Start innovating in your business

Compare how much your laundry business has evolved till now since you first started it. If you see no or very few innovations taking place, then it’s high time for you to bring some fresh perspective. For example- You can start a new service of a home pickup and delivery of clothes for your customers. Or you can start a new loyalty program which gives your loyal customers certain discounts over others. Such programs make customers give more clothes to you to get the discount. Another example is changing the look of your store. One of our customers, Manoj from Cleankart Laundry, changed the look of his store to that of a Live Studio. This way, customers were able to see the process of dry cleaning live, in front of their eyes. This innovation made the customers trust his business even more. Plus he saw the daily average customer count grow from 100 to 150 within one month.


2. Focus on Customer’s Needs

When we asked Manoj why he chose to opt for a Live Studio instead of bringing in any other innovation, he simply said, ‘Because that’s what customers wanted.’

‘’The Business Growth was stagnant because Customer Satisfaction was less.   I started asking for feedback from my regular customers. And I noticed that many of them, though seemed satisfied with the services, were curious to know how the process works after they give their clothes for laundry and dry cleaning. So after getting this question from many customers, I set up a plant within my store and renovated the store. After doing this, not only my customer base increased but the regular customers also started giving more clothes.’’

So, learn from Manoj and keep having such conversations with your customers.


3. Change Marketing Strategies when they become obsolete

One Marketing Strategy cannot work for all the customers. Each Customer’s psychology is different and so is their response to your marketing efforts. As soon as you understand this, there is no stopping for you to market your laundry business well. Understand and Research the area where you are selling your cleaning services.  And then create your marketing strategies as per your customer base. If your laundry store is located in a posh area with youngsters and wealthy families as the customers, then you should focus more on digital mediums of marketing and less on offline mediums like newspaper ads and billboards. You can read Top Five Proven Marketing Strategies for every laundry business to understand more about Laundry business marketing Strategies. 


4. Pay attention to Customer Retention 

Did you know that it costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an old customer? If you didn’t, read this article on Customer Retention is the new Acquisition to know more about this. Customer Retention is essential not only because it is cheap but also because it shows your caring attitude towards the customer. A Simple Notification from you saying ‘You haven’t ordered since 10 Days. We miss you’,  will not only prompt the customer to give in their clothes to you but it will also let the customer know that you care about him/her. 


5. Get Personalisation in your Customer Approach

We did say above that you should pay attention to customer retention and send the customer a message when he/she has not given any order for days. But how do you identify which customers are they? Do you remember the names and order time frames of all your customers? Of course not! This is where QDC helps you to bring personalization to your business strategies. QDC offers a Customer-At-Risk Report which shows the details of all the customers who haven’t given their clothes to you for the past few days. These are the customers who you are at the risk of losing.

Below is an illustration of the Customer-at-Risk Report exported from QDC Software in excel format:

Customer at Risk

6. Change your Business Strategies

Operating a Laundry and Dry Cleaning business in 2021 is a tough thing if you don’t get dynamic with market changes in the industry. Especially since the beginning of the pandemic, customers’ wants have changed drastically. They want to avail all the services by sitting at their home as much as possible. And even if they are visiting your store, they want you to take proper care of their clothes and be as digitally aware as possible. So, it is high time that you change your business strategies and adopt digitization in your business if you haven’t yet.


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