Customer Centricity in laundry business

8 Steps to get Customer Centricity in your Laundry Business !

In continuation with our previous blog ”Importance of Customer Centricity in Laundry business”. Here, in this article, we will discuss the steps to get Customer centricity in Laundry Business.

You all know how important customer-centric culture has become nowadays and in industries like the laundry, it becomes as much as important to others. Okay, so all the laundry and dry cleaners here! Go and search Customer-Centric Laundry POS or Software on google…..what did you get? Don’t tell me that you get Quick Dry Cleaning Software. Yeah, I know that!

Well! we (QDC Software) are here to help you out. We will tell you those 8 steps that provide you Customer Centricity in laundry business. So, there you go >>


Step 1 : Segment your customers or customer profiling:

The first step to get customer centricity in Laundry Business is segmentation or profiling. The easiest way to segment your customer or customer profiling is based on the service they consume (Dry Cleaning or Laundry or Steam Iron), Average order value, average garment value to get things going. Many businesses target multiple customer profiles with the same strategies and end up getting less response in terms of the number of orders or revenue. To maximize your customer base or sales, you need to make strategies based on services they consume, the kind of customer they are, what customer profile they belong to.

With Quick Dry Cleaning software, you can use various reports like order reports, sales, and delivery, Service-wise, Garment category-wise, or Garment wise reports to categorize your customer based on the service they consume or the order type. These reports are not only for segmentation but you can analyze several things and can filter out the data according to your need. 


Step 2 : Invest in volatile personalization:

The Second step is to invest in volatile personalization. Customer personas are a detailed description of what your ideal customer, or in this case reader, should look like. It is very similar to what you would call your target audience, yet quite different. 

The target audience is a much broader term. It includes everyone that falls within a particular category in your target market. Whereas a buyer or an audience persona is very specific and points to some very distinctive characteristics that you would expect this ideal customer to have. So, sort out and compare your customer. Then you can decide to whom you want to invest accordingly hence, Categorize your Volatile persona and invest in them. 


Step 3 : Manage and track customer lifecycle better (LTV):

The Third Step is to manage and track your customer lifecycle. To determine the LTV (Life Time Value) of a customer is really important, if you get to know your quality LTV customers then you can treat them in a better way and can provide them good service for being loyal customers. You can easily differentiate your customers and contribute your efforts and time accordingly. 

Quick Dry Cleaning enables you to identify them in one click only. You just need to choose the customer and bingo! you get the details about that particular customer. There you find two ratings, the lifetime rating denoted by $ and the 12 months(365 days) rating denoted by ★. If you want full-fledged data of all the customers in one table. Then, QDC Software provides you the Customer rating report where you can get the list and details about them.

Step 4 : Increase customer support options:

Clearly, good customer support leads to stronger loyalty among clients. While bad customer support can cause people to give up on a purchase. Can cease patronizing a business, and even drive them to a competitor. You can increase your customer support using the options like live chat, E-mail, Phone call, Social media, and others.


Step 5 : Design an outstanding customer experience by timely service:

Every Customer loves a business that keeps them timely updated on their order. In fact, in a survey of subscription-based businesses, ” clients who had a poor experience with a business had only a 43 percent chance of being members a year later, but those with the best experiences were likely to remain members for another six years”. Six years!

Quick Dry Cleaning Software equips the customer with the ability to know the timely status of their garments. Whenever a customer drops clothes for dry cleaning or some other treatment, the software sends an SMS / email / WhatsApp / In app notifications to his/her mobile number detailing the order. Similarly, as soon as the order gets ready, the software sends an automated SMS / WhatsApp / in app notifications informing the customer that the order is ready and they can pick it up at their convenience. Similarly, if there is a delay in the process, you can also inform the customer beforehand by sending an SMS / email / WhatsApp / in app notifications from the software.

Quick Dry Cleaning Software also enables SMS and WhatsApp messages to be sent to a customer after a couple of days of the service, to recover accounts receivables (overdue payments) as well as to thank the customer for giving a chance of service, and to remind them to come over next time.


Step 6 : Special discounts and deals on customers’ special days:

There are hundreds of customers visiting daily. So, how are we gonna remember someone’s special day? So, my answer is, leave it to the QDC Software it will remind you. While entering your new customer to software it will always ask about these details and whenever that customer visits your store on that special day you get to know about that. See it’s that much easier with QDC Software.


Step 7 : Customized Preferences of Customers:

Being a service industry and when you look for being customer-centric, Dry Cleaners and Launderers have to take great care of the preferences of their customers and provide personalized service. In a manual style of working it is impossible to do so because there is no mechanism to record such data about the customers and even if someone tries to do it manually, it is very hectic and impractical. 

QDC Software has this amazing feature of recording customer preferences such as washing deep colors separately, light or no starch, delivery on the hanger, or fold packed, etc., which are readily available to the person making the order.


Step 8 : Maintains Customer Communication:

Lack of direct interaction with your customer can be a source of problems that you might not anticipate in a normal working scenario. Good customer interaction provokes customer-centricity. It can help in avoiding many critical problems like misunderstandings related to service and delivery and pick-ups. It also helps you build a relationship with your customer. In an unorganized Laundry business, customer interaction is a bare minimum. With only essentials being exchanged, which can create some unnecessary confusion.

QDC Software helps you open up channels of customer interaction and communicate things like confirmation of delivery, Order status, and the amount paid for the order. Communication can be done through email, SMS, WhatsApp and mobile app notification, making it very efficient and effective.


Conclusion: To sum up, adopting a customer-centric strategy in the Laundry and Dry Cleaning business has become more important than ever. It can be challenging for a dry cleaning or laundry company to change its approach if they’ve been focusing on mass service strategies. But by following these tips, you’ll start coming up with some great ideas on how to build a customer-centric strategy and get a sense of how to execute the strategy properly.

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