How to kick off on demand in your business

How to kick-off On-demand in your Dry Cleaning and Laundry Business

Hello there!

Are you a dry cleaning or laundry business owner looking for expansion?

Are you tired of facing losses due to incompetent and traditional methods?

Are you willing to take your business to a new level with unparalleled technology?

If your answer is YES, then here’s the tool to do it all:

QDC On-demand Customer App – a product that will transform your business today!

In a generation that demands instant gratification for every need and desire, give your dry cleaning or laundry business a strong holding in the market and be the best service provider for your customers.

Missing receipts, late deliveries, overdue orders, misplacing of garments, customers leaving you for better services? – The solution to all problems is now available at one single tap!

What is QDC On Demand?

Your customers are now smart, looking for services with better options which allow them to choose when, where and how. QDC On-demand customer app is their answer to a whole new and improvised system of dry cleaning and laundry services.

QDC On-demand mobile application is the simplest and best communication channel between you and your customers. With On-demand being the newest trend in the business arena, this smart app enables you to take over the competition by boosting customer communication – which by the way, means sure shot success for you. Why? Because after all, happy customers mean happy you.

What does the Customer App do for you as a dry cleaner/laundry business owner?

We gauged the need of many traditional laundry business owners to expand their business. But what is the biggest hurdle in business expansion? – the geographical and financial barriers.

Well, the QDC On-demand Customer App breaks all such barriers for you. Utilize the benefits of this smart app which enables your customers to locate you, schedule orders and pay online irrespective of your shop location. This means more customers hence more profitable business opportunities with one simple app.

The white-labeled app will create a brand value for your business and will make a great impression on your customers who will value you for quality as well as convenience.

Why do your customers need it?

Unlike the old days, with QDC On-demand, you are providing them the convenient options of:

  • Pickup and Drop Off scheduling: Irrespective of time and location, they can now schedule dates and times for laundry. Easy like online shopping, affordable like online shopping.
  • Order status tracking: Another cool feature that will attract your customers to stick with you. They can virtually track the status of the order and hence remain privy to the fact that their garments are safe and in processing.
  • Digital Payments: Say bye to days when you had to take care of paper receipts. Digital payments means more freedom for both you and your customers to pay safely and easily.
  • In-App Notifications: With easy notifications, no need to ring up every hour to check the garment status.

QDC On-demand Customer app is here to save time, money and efforts for customers as well as business owners. Your customers are going to love using this app. Also, you can provide them exciting offers and discount coupons which will make them feel valued.

In the generation of smartphones and smart apps that serve your every need, be the market leader in providing this convenience to your customers.  With QDC on-demand mobile application, it’s time to show your customers how much they mean to you.

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