premium charges for dry cleaning services

Build your brand value with premium charges for dry cleaning services

Your premium customers are like your assets. So you deliver them premium service each and every time and premium charges for dry cleaning services must be value based.

But this premium service deserves a premium price, and we know you agree with us.

A lot of dry cleaners hold back on providing premium services to their customers just because of the limitations of executing the same. One of the concerns that surfaces is how do you implement the consistent charges every time any customer wants to take your premium services. 

It becomes highly dependent on you to incorporate these services and their corresponding charges. And this shouldn’t be the case for any business. 

The solution to the problem- how do you ensure that the premium services are premium charges for dry cleaning services are applied responsibly and without errors, is quite simple.

The answer to this is top-up services and multiple price lists. Let us understand the two in a bit more detail. 

Top up services is simply refers to maintaining a list of your additional services that you provide to your customers, for example, rafu, light starch, heavy starch, softener, hanger, stains removal, color fade repair, urgent deliveries, etc. There is an entire array of services that you might be hosting to your customers. Most of the time, it relies on you or your employees to add these services to order. In case, if these services are not added at the time of order generation they are missed out at you end up with a smaller order amount which could have been easily a bigger amount.

Additionally to this, there are times where you charge differently to different customers depending on their buying potential. Multiple price lists play a vital role in this as now you don’t have to rely on your staff to charge differently for your regular on once in a while customers. In some cases, you might need multiple price lists due to your branched out business model. You could probably be providing laundry and dry cleaning services to institutions like hotels, and hospitals and also serving walk-in and commercial customers. In no possible way, you can charge the same for both of these customer profiles. Hence, having multiple price list is vital.

Premium charges for dry cleaning are often seen as uninformed charges. We strongly believe that whenever you go out of your way to deliver outstanding service, you deserve the price accordingly. So, these shouldn’t be hidden from customers, instead they should be well informed.

If you are delivering a garment with dry cleaning and ironing with same-day delivery you are compromising on other deliveries scheduled for the day, or your employees are working extra to ensure that the commitment is met. In such a case, a premium charge is a justified response to meeting the customer expectation. 

Any brand that extends to a range of services establishes its value with its customers quite easily. Catering to basic services makes you a part of the herd. To be a leader you need to do more than what others are doing. Making a brand value displays you as a leader and not the follower. To make your mark in the industry it is of utmost priority to establish your specialty. This is equally applicable to the laundry and dry cleaning industry too.

Your business should not hold back on growth just because of lack of implementation tool, or rather, the knowledge of its existence.

Maintaining premium charges for dry cleaning services is a piece of cake when you are using Quick dry cleaning software to implement it. Quick dry cleaning software provides you an extensive control over setting up your price lists and top up services. Now, you can actually see these features live in our demo.

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