On-Demand Laundry

The New Normal of Laundry Industry: On-Demand Services

‘Mobile Apps are catering to the growing demand for on-demand laundry services owing to the convenience of people.’

BusinessWire, April 2020

When this report was published, the whole world was under lockdown but now, one year after this report, economies have started opening up and many businesses are in fact in a boom phase. But one thing is constant from that time till now i.e., consumer preferences. Although consumer preferences keep changing with times but when consumers get a technology that is making their work easier for them, then their preferences change only on the updation of technology, not before that. So when people were reaping the benefit of home delivery and pickup services rendered by the laundry industry during the pandemic, they were making these services ‘The New Normal’ of the laundry industry. After getting on-demand services during the pandemic, customers have become habitual of these services and it can happen any day that you will lose a customer because you were not offering on-demand services, but your competitor was. Now, how can you make sure you align your business strategies with customer’s demands and not lose any customers due to better services by the competitors? The answer to the above question is very simple- Employ On-Demand Laundry services in your business. 

There are usually these three ways by which businesses prefer to get started with on-demand laundry services:

  • Take orders from your website.
  • Take orders on Phone Calls or messages.
  • Take Orders from your personalised application.
  1. Taking pickup and delivery requests from the website can lead to unnecessary customer churn. Firstly, customers might not always remember your website address. And Secondly, No one opens a website when they open their mobile phone. One always prefers opening an app instead of going to google, searching for a website and then opening it. 
  2. Taking orders through phone calls or messages leads to unnecessary wastage of time. It also leads to verbal communication between you and the customer thus eventually leading to bad customer service if his availability’s timings don’t match with that of your delivery executives’. 
  3. On-Demand application has absolutely no disadvantages. In our experience, it is the best way to get started with on-demand laundry services. All you have to do is to ask your customers to download the application. Then they can easily make order pickup and delivery requests without any verbal discussion thus leading to both time and money savings as well as no scope for bad customer experience. Thus, you should focus on getting an on-demand application for your laundry business to function smoothly.

Essential features of an On-Demand Application for a customer are: 

  • Easy Login Experience: The App should be easily accessible to the customer. He/She should be able to download it easily from a widely available platform like Google Playstore or Apple Playstore and should be able to log in easily into the app.
  • Already mentioned Time Slots: The Time slots at which you can take order pickup and delivery requests should be mentioned in the app beforehand, so that the customer can easily select any time slot preferable to him/her and be assured of timely service.
  • Garment Status: The Customer should be able to check the status of their order and should be able to see all the pending and completed orders. This shows good credibility from your side.
  • Feedbacks: The customer should be able to give feedback, queries or complaints to you easily from the app without feeling the need to connect with you on call or messages. And you should be able to understand the customer’s concern easily from the app itself.
  • Amazing UI/UX: This is one of the important features that the application should have. No one likes to use an app that does not look good or is difficult to use.
  • Digital Payments: Due to the pandemic, many people have started making payments through digital modes. So, your app should have the feature to let the customer make the payment both ways- Cash on Delivery and digitally.

Essential Features of an On-Demand Application for a laundry business are:

  • Delivery and Pickup Assignment: The order requests placed by customers should be assigned to your delivery executives based on their location. There will be huge mismanagement if orders are not assigned as per locations.
  • Order Tracking: You should be able to track the order and know the current status of the order whether it is unprocessed, in-process, or delivered. This ensures better management of the business by you since you are liable to answer the customers if their order is not delivered but the delivery executive says that it is delivered.
  • Easy Feedback Management: The feedback column in the app should be properly segregated for feedbacks, queries and complaints to make the management of the customers’ concerns easier for you. It becomes impossible to manage all three of these together when you get a lot of feedback from the customers.

Once you have all these features in an application, you can easily manage your business and increase your revenue multifold. The Application will also provide you with the ability to expand your business without opening up new stores. It will make you eligible to target customers based at a different location by offering them home pickup and delivery services. 

And now, we are thrilled to inform you that, all you are required to do, to become known in the Laundry Industry is contact us for getting your on-demand application.  Do you know why? Well, because we have all the above-mentioned features in our application and many more which I haven’t mentioned here. 

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So what are you waiting for?

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