Installed software or Cloud software

What is more suitable for Dry Cleaners – Installed software or Cloud software?

Often, dry cleaners ask me should I go for installed software or cloud software.

With the uprising technology, in the last couple of years all the industries starting from booking a cab to groceries, banking to online ordering etc. have moved to cloud based solutions. Now, this transformation is also taking place in laundry and dry cleaning industry.

Why are so many Dry Cleaners & Laundromats moved to Cloud ?

It is because cloud software enables you to be in control of your business ALWAYS and increase efficiency by utilizing all available resources. No matter whether you have small or large business set up, Cloud is the need of hour to fuel up your business to make customer feel delighted. We here at Quick Dry Cleaning Software enables remote control of the business so that you can be on the top of the information even while you are away from your business.

Installed software or Cloud software comparison as follows-

Cloud version offers following advantages –

Advantage Store Operations

  • No dependency on local machines: We have seen with many clients that some fault in computer system has led to loss of complete/partial data. However if you move to cloud the data will not be stored on local machine and is safe and secure on the cloud server. This is one of the biggest motivations to move over cloud.
  • Turnaround time in case of Hardware failure: In case of hardware failure we can plug in new laptop or computer system and it will be up and running in 10 minutes, while in case of local system normally a full day is lost.
  • Works on any Laptop/Computer: You don’t have to buy any expensive computer systems. It works on any basic computer system, with Good RAM (at least 4 GB).
  • Software back up: With cloud it becomes easier to solve many issues with the software and at the time of system updates we would not even need you to stop your work, rather we would do it in your non working hours and you would never be bothered about it.
  • Same version of the software on all Outlets / Shops: Updates will be done easily, it takes only 5 minutes to update and because of cloud all the stores will have same version automatically.
  • Seamless support session: For many of the support sessions, team viewer access may not be required.
  • Charts and Graphs: There are few advanced features like graphs on dashboard to indicate daily workload on store, workshop and pressing department are available only on cloud version. We have got good response from customers who are using cloud version around this feature.without being on cloud, you just can’t enjoy the essence of the mobile applications and workshop management module:

Advantage Customer Connect

  • Customer End Application: Empower customer with mobile based app so that they can enjoy the convenience of scheduling pick ups, track order and garments, view price list and share feedback etc..
  • Mobile POS Application: Get rid of manual invoice, redefine your brand and generate an invoice using mobile phone at customer door step along with digital notifications like SMS / E-Mail.

Advantage Workshop Operations

  • Complete tracking of the garments: You can track customer’s garment end to end using the workshop module. At any given point in time you would be able to track the location of the garment
  • Operations of the workshop become paperless: Eliminate the use of paper based challans/delivery notes and enable better tracking of the garments.
  • Clearly define the responsibility and owner of the garments: Whether the garments are with store manager, workshop manager or driver .
  • Print garment tags: For the garments after final packing and reduce the work at the store enabling better turnaround time.

Advantage Business Owners/Administrator

  • Anytime anywhere access: You can track the status of the business and refer to the basic reporting from anywhere.
  • Control Your business like never before: You can access the critical information from your mobile phone/tablet/personal laptop even when you are away from your city due to work or vacation and enables complete control even when you are not able to physically visit the store. This ensures better control over the business and you stay up to date with the progress of the business .
  • Business Dashboard Application: Enjoy the freedom of being in control of your business analytics using the app anytime, anywhere.

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