Customer Engagement

7 Surefire Ways To Engage Customers in a Laundry Business

Customer Engagement is the means by which a business develops a relationship with its customer base. As traditional marketing methods are becoming less effective, customer engagement is the currency by which businesses are measuring their effectiveness. Engage customers in a laundry business or any other is very important to retain them.

Like any other business that needs its customers to keep coming back, Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business owners also keep looking for ways to increase the loyalty of their customers. In order to do that, the service providers have to do more than just provide excellent services. There are certain promotional tactics that can be used by the Dry Cleaning and Laundry business owners to ensure customer loyalty through Customer Engagement.

Here are a few ways to engage customers in laundry business-

  1. Provide Offers
    The best way to lure customers is to introduce interesting offers. Everyone looks for some freebies whether in goods or services. Keeping this mindset of the customer in consideration, coming up with some or the other offer at different intervals is bound to keep the customers engaged.
  2. Send Promotional SMS
    Communication is one of the best ways to engage a customer. One of the surest ways to be on the mind of the customer is to be in touch with some or the other mode of communication. Sending SMS consistently, whether it is to update on a new service that you may be introducing, or a new offer or simply to wish on the festivals creates a good brand image in the mind of the customers.
  3. Offer Attractive Deals
    Introduce lucrative deals to catch the attention of the customers. Offer them something they cannot refuse. Things like Bulk Deals, Membership Plans or Pre-paid/Monthly Packages are sure to get your customer’s attention. To know more such techniques read  6 Proven Ways to Increase your Dry Cleaning and Laundry Business Profits
  4. Festive Offers
    Festive Season is the most rewarding time the Dry Cleaning Business around the globe. Coming up with offers especially for the festive season helps in connecting with the customers and establishing a relationship. This will do two things, Firstly it will lure the customers to the site, and secondly, if this becomes a practice, the customers are sure to expect and look forward to offers from you. This will help in solidifying the loyalty of your customers towards your business.
  5. Reward Point Programme
    Also known as loyalty points, it is one of the most common ways of ensuring the loyalty of the customers. Offer them lucrative deals in the loyalty program which makes them enroll in the scheme to avail the offer. This way, they will avail your services in order to reap the benefits of the reward points.
  6. Gift Vouchers
    Another interesting way of gaining the loyalty of customers is offering gift vouchers. For instance, these vouchers can be given to new customers to increase the customer base. Gift vouchers can also be used to reward your existing loyal customers who give regular bulk orders and help in promotion by spreading the good word about your laundry business.
  7. Social Media Engagement
    One of the upcoming and most effective channels of customer engagement is through social media. This can be done very easily through effective Social Media Posting and writing Blogs about new and interesting information and solutions related to everyday problems of your customers like ‘How to take care of your clothes at home’ or ‘Tips and Tricks to make your shoes last longer’. This helps in building a positive brand image in the mind of your customers.

Implementing these techniques in your business will help you achieve the loyalty of your customers and will establish your Brand in the market.