how to survive laundry business from coronavirus

COVID-19: How can Laundry Businesses survive it & how we can help?

Businesses all across the world are struggling to stay afloat in the wake of the rapid spread of COVID-19, to survive laundry businesses is also not easy. Governments are trying their best to fight this situation while trying to prevent mass hysteria among people. None of us knows when this will end or how it will affect us in the future. But one thing is certain, global economies right now are taking a huge hit.

The only way to stay safe is to limit our social interactions. Don’t go to crowded spaces, self-quarantine yourself at home and wash your hands regularly.

Taking these steps is not difficult for an individual but for businesses, whose existence thrives on social interaction, these are challenging times. So we thought we’d do our part for the Laundry and Dry-cleaning business owners.

What you can do to slack off the ques how can survive laundry businesses?

Disinfecting Clothes

COVID-19 virus can survive on inanimate objects, like clothes, for a long time. And the machines and chemicals at home are not equipped to handle this. This gives us an opportunity to urge our customers to give their clothes to your business so that they can be disinfected and their families can remain safe from the threat of Coronavirus.

To help you with this, we did some research and found out this chemical which can be used to completely disinfect clothes. You can buy it here.

Furthermore, we also made this creative and write up for you to use in spreading the word to your customers via Email, WhatsApp and Social media. Download it here.

Laundry business survive when you move towards digitization

In such testing times, digitization is more crucial than ever before as it is the only safe mode of interaction.

To laundry business survive we suggest that instead of handling physical receipts, start sending receipts to customers via SMS, Email, and WhatsApp as it is safer.

Customers might not be willing to step out of their homes. Hence you should encourage them to schedule pickups with you digitally. Equip your runners with Masks and Gloves so as to keep them and customers safe. This will also help build trust with the customers.

Exchange of cash is yet another means of spreading the virus so we suggest avoid cash transactions and urge your customers to pay digitally.

Our Contribution

As a company, we believe it is our responsibility to do our part in mitigating this global pandemic. In order to promote digitization, we are offering the following:
20% discount on every annual plan of QDC Software.
40% discount on our complete on-demand bundle (Customer App, Driver’s App, Store Software)

Fighting it together

We believe that all of us should step up as a community in these difficult times. In a world where Toilet Paper, Masks and Sanitizers are becoming expensive due to high demand, we believe that by making our product more accessible we’ll be able to set an example for other businesses to do the same.

Thank you and stay safe.

You can go through our PDF it’s free: Download Now