Business Analytics in Dry Cleaning

Business Analytics for Dry Cleaning & Laundry Industry

Business analytics refers to the skills, technologies, practices for investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning. Business analytics focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on data and statistical methods. So, in this blog we going to tell you about the Business Analytics for laundry and dry cleaning business.

One of the most common problems faced by Dry Cleaning and Laundry Businesses is the lack of measurement tools with which they can measure their business accurately enough in order to understand the needs of their business and invest according to an analysis based on comprehensive data rather than instinctive ideas. Quick Dry Cleaning Software (QDC) is a Laundry Business Management Software. It has been designed after extensive research and analysis of the Laundry and Dry Cleaning Industry. To understand the needs and requirements for its steady and effective growth. QDC Software is not simply a data entry system to organize your clerical work at the store. It is, in fact, a holistic analytical program that helps you analyze the business trend as a whole and also track your day to day business graph in order to assess the future plan of action.

Here are a few analytics that QDC Software provides to help you better manage your business

Daily Workload Information

QDC Software provides you with a system that can help you track your daily work schedule. With this data, you get a picture of your daily workload and work in progress details. It helps you assess the necessary changes if any, that you may need to bring about in your modus operandi.

Trend Analysis

One of the key features provided by QDC Software is the Trend Analysis. This laundry and dry cleaning business management software studies all the data that has been fed into the system regarding the services, such as billing details of customers, pending invoices, cleared invoices. And tells you about your frequent customers or those who are potential flight risks. Software forecasts the next order of the customers using the trend analysis. Customers marked at risk for your business if they do not follow their trend. They might withdraw from your services. With this important data, you can take timely action and retain those at-risk customers.

Reporting and Dashboard

It is important in any business to be well aware of the numbers coming in and going out. How much business are you punching in by the end of a business day determines how you open up the subsequent day. For that, you need elaborate and extensive data. Information such as business comparison for the year 2017 with that of 2016 is crucial in order to assess business growth. QDC Software ensures maintenance of your day to day business reports such as bookings, deliveries, sales and stock reconciliation.

With this information at hand. It is easy for you to not only manage accounts but also remain updated with all the inflow and outflow of your business. QDC Software also brings you all of this data and analytical power in the palm of your hand. With it’s Quick Dry Cleaning Business Dashboard App which makes monitoring the health of your business very easy.

Garments Processing

The software gives you the minutes of the dry cleaning business analytics because in our 7 years of experience we’ve seen that even the smallest details create a huge impact on your business. The system tells you about the top 20 garments that you process. This information is important for crucial decisions like Price Revision and seasonal discounts.

Revenue Generated By New v/s Existing Customers

QDC Software tells you about the amount of revenue is being generated by the existing customers and compares is to the revenue generated from new ones. These important numbers will assist you in strategizing on the points where you need improvement and you can take measures to improve in the field that your business is lacking.

Customer Ratings

The software enables you to give every customer ratings on a scale of 5. This rating is made on the basis of the amount of business that the customer is giving you. These ratings will help you analyze as to who are your premium customers. And you can easily identify them and treat them in a better fashion.

It is said “Knowledge is Power” and rightly so. The better conversed you are with the intricacies of your business. And the market trends being adopted by your competitors, the easier it is to beat the competition and stay abreast. In order to do that you need Data and Statistics. You can either hire or outsource this service from other people, which is very costly. Or you can choose the smart way by installing QDC Software which is an all-encompassing solution to your business needs. Backed with high-end technology and extensive research, its analytical tools can ensure that you scale newer heights in your business.

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