Dry cleaning and laundry business owners are overloaded with work. From order generation to completion, the work is endless. However, the work doesn’t end here. You meet the end at delivery. And that’s where the money comes from. As a service delivery industry, delivery is as important to the entire journey of the customer as is pickup. But when it comes to delivery, you don’t really follow any plans to make the execution seamless for both you and customers. Delays in deliveries, not informing the customers about their order completion or not providing urgent deliveries as it would disrupt your daily workload are some of the most prominent cases. The entire payment of your hard work is due at this stage, and this is the stage that we are least focused on. 

Urgent deliveries are of great importance for the service industry including laundry and dry cleaning industry. Urgent delivery simple is a chance for you to earn a customer’s loyalty and delivery exceptional customer service. It goes without saying that your call on providing the urgent delivery service depends also on the type of service that is demanded by the customer and your current workload.

Apart from these, any other factors should not hinder in providing great customer service. Urgent deliveries also mean a way to get paid more for the same set of services provided at a rapid rate. But to get started with offering urgent deliveries to your customers you need to be more methodical and your entire processes should be predefined. To start with you should have complete information about the deliveries that need to be done for that particular day. This information is crucial to assess if you can accommodate the urgent delivery order in your order load or not. It’s better to say no than to make a false commitment and not stick to your commitment. Remember a good experience may not be remembered but a bad experience is hard to forget. Next when you know that you can add urgent delivery to your daily load, you need to make sure that the tags on garments specify the priority of delivery about the garment. This is important so as to meet the commitment at the plant as well and there are no delays in deliveries. At the customer’s end, make sure that you keep them in the loop of their order status at every milestone. This has proven to be a very successful strategy among our community of dry cleaners. The reason is that customers with urgent deliveries are under time crunch hence, updating about their order status marks loyalty towards your brand and helps them plan out their schedule as per their convenience. It pays out in the long term as you are able to establish your value.

To bring about all these changes in your business you need to turn to automation. Automation brings about a lot of synchronization between your deliveries and pickups. Be it being notified of your daily deliveries, pending deliveries or urgent delivery scope everything is just a click away. Let us explain how is it done with automation.

As we all know, the service industry like ours is always crowded by customers who would want an urgent delivery. Urgent delivery refers to the service being done and order being delivered on the same day or within 24hrs. Usually the biggest hitch in agreeing to urgent delivery is that you are unaware of the days’ delivery that has to be done. Automation provides automatic update on what are the deliveries of the day that need to be done and also about the pending deliveries that are not done for the past orders. Pending deliveries are actually your delayed deliveries. 

Once you have the notification about the orders that are to be delivered today, and the amount of load that is currently on the plant you can easily assess if you are in a position to provide urgent deliveries. As a business strategy, every dry cleaner, depending on its customer profile, reserves a certain number of orders for urgent deliveries based on their experience. Your experience clubbed with the reporting feature of automation can easily help you take up decisions for urgent deliveries.