Laundry Dry Cleaning business Expansion

Expand your laundry business with Zero Capital Investment

Business Expansion in Laundry Industry can be a real tough nut to crack, especially when you lack the required capital and time. So how can you expand your business with less money and time in hand? There must be a way by which a business can expand just by changing its strategies. Let us see how it is possible by first understanding Business Expansion.

The Simplest Definition of Business Expansion is expanding your business to get more revenue and customers. Now when you think about getting more revenue and customers, there is just one way to do it i.e., Improve your marketing strategies and create awareness about your business in a new locality. But in the laundry industry, how can you get new customers when you don’t have a store in the new locality? The Problem then again comes to having less capital to invest. Let us find out a solution to this problem.

Think of a scenario where you are hungry and want to have something nice for dinner. And the restaurant you want to order from cannot deliver to your location. So what do you do? You are most likely to open Swiggy, Zomato or some food delivery app service to get your food delivered. Now think what would have happened if these home delivery services didn’t exist? Obviously, you would have changed your mind and ordered your dinner from somewhere else. So, this is how the market works. The restaurant owner is not capable of opening up new chains of his restaurant at new places in the city, so instead, he is expanding his business by offering home delivery services through food delivery apps. This way, he is easily targeting customers of different localities even though he does not have a physical store there.

Now think of the wonders that could happen to your business if you start giving laundry and dry cleaning services even in locations where you do not have a physical store of your business. There will surely be customers who will be in need of your services but can’t avail your services because there is no physical store of your business near them. So to acquire these customers, all you have to do is start home pickup and delivery services of your laundry business and market it properly. Soon you will have loads of orders coming from different locations. A Simple Setup of providing home pickup and delivery services will solve your problem of Business Expansion at almost a fraction of the cost of opening a new store cost. And then you will just need to find out a solution to provide these services to different locations.

Thus the Steps for Business Expansion in Laundry industry turn out to be:
  • Find out a solution to provide home pickup and delivery facilities to your customers.
  • Choose a location.
  • Market your solution in that location.
  • Wait for orders coming in from that location and you are done!

In our 10+ years of experience in the dry cleaning and laundry industry, the Perfect Solution to provide home delivery and pickup facilities to your customers is a Mobile application. A Mobile Application will be a one-stop solution for all home pickup and delivery requests by your customers and there will be absolutely no mismanagement among you, your delivery executives and your customers. You will also not need to juggle between handling calls, messages and customer Walk-Ins to the store. You will simply be informed of everything by getting a push notification from the app thus making you able to track the orders smoothly. 

We, at QDC, offer a White-Labelled Customer On-Demand App for your business which is specialized in doing all of this. With the app, you can easily manage all your home pickup and delivery requests on the go. It has all features ranging from Garment Tracking, Order Status, Customer Feedback Reports, Push-Notifications to every single feature which you will need for a proper business functioning. With digitalization becoming the new norm since the pandemic, you surely don’t want to get in trouble by managing your home pickup and delivery requests on paper. On-paper management of these services may lead to missing information, late or wrong deliveries. For a better customer experience and for simplifying business expansion in laundry business of yours, Get a demo from us for the Customer On-Demand App now.

So what would you choose? Raising capital for a new store that may or may not work or using modern tools for expansion that cost just 10% of that?