Digital Payments in Laundry

Five reasons: Why should you adopt Digital Payments in Laundry Business?

In a recent study conducted by Mordor Intelligence on the growth and trends of the Digital Payments Market in the world, the results revealed that the market will see an annual CAGR of 13.7% within the next five years. It also says that Contactless payments will drive the growth of the market, specifically in the Asia Pacific Region. Thus, it is high time to adopt Digital Payments in Laundry Businesses and Laundromats.

There is no doubt that the digital payments market has been on boom ever since the pandemic started. People have been wary of using cash for making payments and have been looking for quick alternatives for cash. And they are shifting very quickly to cashless modes of payments, in everything from customer transactions to workers’ payments.

To talk of the prevalence of cashless transactions in the cleaning industry, there have been many Laundry Businesses that already had the structure of cashless transactions in place. But then there are a few others who are still struggling to adopt digital modes of payment in their day-to-day transactions. If you are one of such Laundry Businesses, then it is time for you to start accepting payments virtually.

Here is why you need to adopt Digital Payments in Laundry Business:

1. Fewer Delays in Payments 

How many times has it happened with you that the customer postponed the payment for their order because she/he didn’t have any cash in hand? Or your delivery executive didn’t receive the payment after completing the order, for any reasons? Well, Digital payments in Laundry Business are an easy solution to these problems. You can take payments from your customers virtually without any delays.


2. Saves Time and Money

Digital modes of payment are very quick and are just like exchanging cash with a person. With such a setup already established, you no longer need to carry cash with you all the time or to send your delivery executive to collect payment from a customer. This will ultimately lead to savings of both time and money.


3. High Demand

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, many people have shifted to cashless transactions and digital modes of payment are in higher demand than ever before. So, if you are offering such services to your customers in your Laundry business, it will be a cherry on the top for you. Also try to keep a variety of digital wallet services available with you, for the convenience of the customers.


4. Helps manage accounts effortlessly

Management of a business account is a problem which all businesses face. And sometimes, it becomes even more difficult when you miss recording a transaction any day. Such a mistake can lead to high mismanagement of your accounts and it will cost you a lot of time to find out the disconnect. Thus, to avoid making such mistakes, you need to adopt digital payments in your Laundry business. At QDC(Quick Dry Cleaning Software), we provide a detailed order report and cash book in the software. It records your daily transactions and eliminates the need to do manual recording of transactions. What can be better than this? Both cash and digital transactions at one place.


5. Helps cut down on Errors

With all the transactions getting recorded on your digital wallets, it is next to impossible that you omit any transaction while managing your accounts. Moreover, you can also easily visit your wallet to check out the transitions you have made. On the other hand, with cash, there is a very high probability of you omitting or making a wrong transaction. And cash transactions are not recorded automatically unless you take note of them.


Now Having read the importance of digital transactions in your business, you are now all set to implement it in your laundry business. All you need now is the flexibility to accept and make payments through digital channels including cards, net banking and Razorpay. 

But How? How would you go about it?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Quick Dry Cleaning Software not only works with cards and net banking but also has integrations with almost all digital wallets including Razorpay, PayPal, Paytm and Google Pay. Once you make a transaction using Quick Dry Cleaning Software, it automatically gets recorded in the software and goes into all 20+ reports which QDC provides to you for monitoring your laundry business.  Then you just need to open any report and the health of your cleaning business will be in front of your eyes.

Check out the working of QDC Software here.

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