Anuj Gupta

Mr. Anuj Gupta (Co-founder and Head- Brand & Digital)


He has 7+ years of experience across Telecom and IT, wherein he has played a significant role in Customer Service delivery and Franchisee Planning. He has bagged several awards like Emerging Leader Award and Director’s Award in reputed organizations like LAVA and Infosys. 


Let’s get to know how QDC helped Tumbledry to achieve this milestone in the words of Mr. Anuj Gupta. We have asked him some interesting questions about their journey and how QDC helped them. Let’s get started >>>

The Operational Challenges Before QDC


It was a challenge to carry out the following activities without QDC:


  • Managing customer history.
  • Managing transaction data including orders, revenue, sales, delivery, and packages.
  • Allocating pick-ups from call center to stores.

What QDC Software Rectified

  • Scaling up with QDC is easy. We vouched easy scaling as Tumbledry has scaled up from 11 to 400+ CRM in a short time span. 
  • As far as replication of processes is concerned, we have only entered a few details, and a fully-customized new CRM got ready.  Almost business details, rules and settings  get configured when we made a new CRM from an old one.
  • QDC Super Admin makes it even easier to manage business rules, principles, offers, pricing, services and packages centrally.
  • There is a subscription model through which we created stores ourselves. It helped in replicating and recreating a new CRM without any intervention from the QDC team. We did it all by ourselves.  It is very easy to use.
QDC Features

"Around 60% of Tumbledry customers are repeat customers"

QDC Software Implementation Experience


  • QDC implementation experience was seamless for us. The QDC Team was cooperative. We started with 11 stores with QDC.
  • Most of the functionalities that we wanted for our business were already available.
  • Data integration from the old CRM was very easy.
  • The training video & documents for onboarding partners were quite detailed.
  • Considering that transitions often come with challenges, we also faced some. However, it was still a seamless experience with QDC.

Before Sales and After Sales Experience

Before Sales


  • Quick & Easy customization
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • Availability of desired functionalities

After Sales


  • Fast implementation
  • Easy-to-understand UI & process flows
  • Extensive reporting

" Tumbledry processes more than 7.5 lac garments monthly at more than 500 locations where we are present "

QDC Features used by Mr. Anuj Gupta


To have a sustainable business by offering high-quality services, I keep a watch on the following:

  • Repeat business
  • Customer feedbacks
  • Daily customer acquisitions
  • Daily run-rate of revenue

KPIs Tracked by Mr. Anuj


Here are the KPIs I track on a regular basis:

  • Revenue per store
  • Month-on-month customer acquisition
  • Package analytics
  • Performing and Non-performing stores
  • Revenue from repeat customers

" QDC is the best tool available in the market for managing laundry & dry clean operations across multiple stores and workshops "

                                                                                                          – By Mr. Anuj Gupta 

QDC Helps in Delivering "The Tumbledry Experience"


  • Tumbledry mainly focuses on offering convenience to customers. And QDC helps in being able to provide them with the same.


  • With the help of the QDC runner app, our customers get a seamless experience with home pick-up & delivery and online receipts. The QDC customer app offers them smooth doorstep service. And several stages of CRM render on-time updates and digital payments. 


  • Due to QDC, all these laundry services become very easily and conveniently accessible to our customers. It is how QDC helps in delivering The Tumbledry Experience.

QDC Helps in Managing and keeping Tumbledry Franchisees


  • With QDC, we tracked the revenue of our stores. QDC helped us in assigning leads. 
  • Also, we catered to customized requests from our partners without any hassle. 
  • Our franchisees suggest that we can work on the processing speed of the CRM




YoY increase in franchise onboarding

1 lac+

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