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Ideal for new businesses looking to get started with essential features

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Ideal for new businesses looking to get started with essential features

Rs 2499

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Suitable for growing businesses needing comprehensive tools and app integration

Rs 4167

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Perfect for large businesses with extensive needs and multiple-user support

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Ideal for new businesses looking to get started with essential features

Rs 0

per month
No card required


Ideal for new businesses looking to get started with essential features

Rs 2999

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No card required


Suitable for growing businesses needing comprehensive tools and app integration

Rs 4999

per month
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Perfect for large businesses with extensive needs and multiple-user support

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Features Free Pro Premium Enterprise

Launch and manage diverse services, including laundry, dry-cleaning, steam ironing, carpet & curtain cleaning, cleaning leather cleaning,and shoe cleaning/repair
Garment category

Create garment categories for faster billing like men’s, women’s, kids’, and household items.

Manage and categorize garments, such as shirts, dresses, carpets, curtains etc and set up measurement per pcs or per sqrt feet or panels.
Change password
Users and Permissions

Provide role-based access control to safeguard your business by assigning specific permissions for making orders, applying discounts, managing deliveries, and canceling orders.

Next-Gen Customer Experience Management

Easily retrieve and review customer information to provide personalized service, track preferences, and manage communications.

Quickly access customer data for streamlined operations, reducing the time spent searching for details.

Monitor and follow up on customer activity, such as their last order, to maintain engagement and encourage repeat business.

Data driven decisions: Use detailed customer data to analyze purchasing patterns and tailor marketing strategies for better customer acquisition and retention.


Increase customer loyalty and retention by offering prepaid packages. Customers pay in advance and receive additional value services, ensuring repeat business and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Better cash inflow

Increased order value

Google polygon powered mobile apps

Optimized Operations: Define specific service areas using google polygons where each store operates. to streamline customer routing and minimize travel time.

Automated Routing for Enhanced Customer Experience: Automatically assign customer orders and pick-ups to the nearest store within the defined service area.

Enhanced Service Coordination: Coordinate pick-up and delivery schedules seamlessly across multiple stores for a smooth customer experience.

Customizable Setup: Tailor service areas and routing preferences to meet unique business needs and service demands

Real-Time Updates: Keep track of service availability and optimize routes in real-time for efficient order management.

Request - Non Serviceable Area

Generate a report listing customers who attempted to avail services via the app but were outside the defined service territory.


Data-Driven Expansion: Identify potential new service areas based on customer demand and geographical data analysis.

Enhanced Customer Reach: Expand service territories to accommodate previously underserved areas, capturing new customer segments.

Improved Operational Efficiency: Optimize route planning and resource allocation by aligning service areas with customer demand.

Business Growth: Facilitate informed decisions to scale operations and enhance market penetration effectively.

App Customer Feedback

Enable customers to provide feedback directly through the app regarding their service experience and gather valuable insights, enhance service quality, and foster customer satisfaction.

Store - Point of sale
Features Free Pro Premium Enterprise
Piece based and weight based billing

Piece based and weight based billing
Thermal and laser invoice printing

Automating invoice printing streamlines operations and enhances accuracy and also adds a professional and branded touch to the customer experience at your business.
Customer preferences

Remember customer preferences such as fold pack, hanger pack, light starch etc, ensuring personalized service delivery.
Garment defects, brands and colors

Capture garment defects, brands, and colors during order generation, prevent disputes ensure accurate service delivery and speeds up processing
Addon services, upcharges and item notes

Increase revenue through top ups like fabric softner, starch, alteration etc
Secure digital payments

secure digital payments eliminates employee pilferage and gives better control over finances
Payment reconciliation

Seamlessly integrate with payment gateway links, apps, and card swipe machines, ensure accurate reconciliation of all transactions. Effortlessly track and manage payments, enhance efficiency and transparency empowering you to focus more on delivering quality service and customer satisfaction.
Urgent delivery

Charge extra for same-day or next-day deliveries, clearly marked as "Urgent" on invoices & tags for easy identification and prioritization.
Advance payment

Receive payments in advance, automatically applying to future invoices and showing advance balance on each invoice.
Automatic barcode / QR Coded tags

Save time and reduce employee cost with information rich garment tags (like customer name, address, process to be done, delivery date and special remarks etc.)
Touch-based order generation

Streamline order creation with touch screen capability, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
Fully customizable
Store management
Features Free Pro Premium Enterprise
CRM for the laundry business

Maintain customer information, preferences, communication channels to give personalised service and win customer loyalty for life.
Daily reporting

Predefine holidays for the entire year, exclude these dates as delivery dates to customers. Prevent miscommunications and manage customer expectations effectively.
Hierarchical controls

QR Code enabled garment tracking

Track garments with QR codes throughout processing stages from tagging to final delivery. Prevent errors like wrong delivery, garmnet loss / theft in workshop or store to enhance customer satisfaction.

Employee performance tracking

Finishing and packing

Stock reconciliation

Conduct reconciliations periodically to maintain accurate garment stock and reduce employee pileferage / garment theft.

Multiple price lists

Create different price list for different customer segments, offers & promotions, home pick up vs in-store.

Batch Invoice

Capture Garment Image

Home pickup and delivery
Features Free Pro Premium Enterprise
Accept digital payments

With riders app, accept digital payments at the customer's doorstep. Avoid cash handeling by staff leading to better cashflows.
Doorstep order generation

Generate orders at customer doorstep, share real-time sms & whatsapp messages to update customers about their orders, deliver awesome customer experience.

Google maps integration

Navigate to customer doorsteps for pickups & deliveries in shortest time through fastest route.

Home delivery feedback

Receive customers feedback for their service experience and gather valuable insights, enhance service quality, and foster customer satisfaction.

Customer signature

Capture customer signatures for every order to limit your responsibility & minimize compensations.

Pickup and drop-off request scheduling

Home pickup and delivery schedulers for centralized call centers and stores, allowing scheduling pick up & deliveries at customer-convenient times. Generate reports for overdue, completed, and future due requests.


Route customer pickup and delivery requests via app or whatsapp bot to the nearest stores.

Plant Management
Features Free Pro Premium Enterprise
Garment sorting

QDC offers garment scanning and sorting at the workshop, facilitating faster segregation of whites and colored garments for efficient processing and workflow management.

Workload Management

QDC workshop management software provides a dashboard for workshop managers to analyze workload, including overdue garments, today's due, and upcoming deadlines for efficient scheduling and operations.

In and out tracking

Automate garment receiving at workshop from store and outgoing to store with garment scanning, ensuring accurate tracking and zero errors in deliveries, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Custom processing stages

Create custom processing stages in your workshop with designated garment scanning checkpoints: before washing, drying, during ironing, after ironing, packaging, and dispatch, ensuring thorough tracking and quality control throughout the garment processing cycle.

Info-rich garment tags

QDC provides garment packaging stickers with detailed information for folded or hanger-packed garments. Ensure scanning during sending to store, receiving at store, and customer delivery, eliminating manual order number writing for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

Garment Inspection Report(GIR)

QDC allows users to open any order and add brand, color, remarks, and garment images to the Garment Inspection Report (GIR) for capturing defects and special conditions, ensuring comprehensive inspection and quality assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our plan starts at $49 per month per location. For more details about pricing plans, please check our Prices above.

We offer a 14-Day Free Trial to first-time users of Quick Dry Cleaning Software. If you wish to continue using the software after the trial, you can choose to pay us on a monthly or yearly basis. Please check out our Pricing page for more detail on Pricing.

No, the prices mentioned on our pricing page does not include any hardware costs. They include the cost of using QDC software and support services. But the good news is that QDC software works with nearly all types of hardware and we also provide you with complete consultation on hardware purchasing decisions.

Yes, we do provide Multi-Store discounts in some cases. Contact us at [email protected] to know more.

Yes, you can upgrade from your current plan anytime. Contact us at sales@quickdrycleaning for any queries.

Yes, you can downgrade from your current plan on any month-end. Contact us at [email protected] for any queries.

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