Clean Store

Say hello to the 1st of its kind Laundry Supplies portal

“It can all start on a clean sheet of paper that looks at ways of doing things that were never thought of before. This crisis will force entrepreneurs to adapt and create,”  – Ratan Tata

The world is going through a transition and this is yet another opportunity for all of us to evolve. As they say, treat every challenge as a new opportunity, this is the time for all of us to build something new which is beautiful and relevant to the new norms of the society, today we will talk about the laundry supplies portal. The contactless product delivery is the near future, and this outbreak seems to already be moving this trend forward. It just needs us to replace our old, undependable ways and expects us to implement and accept the new delivery and tracking methods. And this along with it will bring safety and an array of innovations.

When this happens, we may one day look back and quietly thank this deadly coronavirus for propelling us into a sunnier future.

Laundry industry needs to adapt to contactless ways of doing business. With the widespread dread and reach of COVID-19, businesses are seeing a decline in circulation and an increase in isolation.  People are wary to go out for things which are non-essentials, many suppliers are affected. Supplies are not smooth, most of the business owners are not sure of quintessential to operate with respect to new safety norms.

Shielding your business during this erratic situation means much more than just giving it a good scrubbing. It means preparing your business for the new normal and worst which time can bring.

QDC has always been a leader in innovation and bringing things that can help laundries do business in a better way. “Better” is now to be replaced with “Safe” though. In another ,“first of sort”, QDC is launching a new portal, the first of its kind shop for the laundry industry where you will find the stuff that you need to run your business effectively. The attempt is to make innovative products available from reliable sources at the best possible price. Clean Store Portal is an earnest effort to ensure the seamless and safest possible availability of the products you need to run your business proficiently. 

Following are the raison d’être/watchwords of this laundry supplies portal:  

  1. Utmost Safety: We are prioritizing the safety of our people by ensuring sterile contactless delivery and online payments.
  2. Convenience:  Easiest possible way to order and at any hour of the day. 
  3. Innovation: Latest products in your reach and budget. 
  4. Personalization: Name a thing and we will work to get it for you even if it is not available in our list 

Let’s perform to match the tune of current times. Let’s contactless and deliver just the products and not the virus.

We hope we are able to assist you to run your business successfully. Feel free to write back to me if you have suggestions for us and I will personally look into it.

Rachit Ahuja
CEO, QDC Software