Hassle Free Laundry

Hassle-free way of dry cleaning & laundry workflow between store and plant

Hassle free laundry is one of the important topic to concern for all the Laundry and dry cleaning businesses either outsource or have their own plants to perform processing of garments. Based on the location of your plant, your business can be classified into 3 types-

Type I. Plant is a part of the shop itself

Type II. Plant is outsourced

Type III. Plant is owned by you, but is at a distance from your shop

The problem of managing and monitoring the movement of garments between your shop and plant is most messy for dry cleaners who have the business model of type 2 & 3.

Getting to prepare the Challan for laundry workflow itself is a very time-consuming process and is also prone to a lot of mistakes.

Apparently, there is no way to omit challan from the system as its key to all the doors when entering or leaving any destination. Hence, the only other alternative to get rid of errors and cut downtime consumption is to make the challan efficient.

Another crucial aspect is the garment tagging. It’s important as that is the identification of each garment. Thus, automated barcodes provide ease and extension to garment tracking which is the creation of automated challan for laundry workflow. As an advantage of this is that even in a workshop that may be outsourced there is extensive information which makes processing efficient.

To bring about this change, the first step is to bring your business to automation. Automation brings all your business information on one platform and it draws this information into useful data that is easy to interpret and has multiple uses. Quick dry cleaning software puts all your data in a safe and secure format into relevant categories. From here, Quick dry cleaning software brings all the relevant information needed to build a challan for laundry workflow to one sheet, and just at the click of a button you get your challan made that happens in about 2 seconds. Below we share how the challan process looks like in the software.

Send to workshop report

Here as you can see, once you have your orders ready to be dispatched to plant, you can either select the garments from the left panel or if you want to move all the garments just click move all. It’s that easy and simple.

Laundry Workshop Report

This is how the final challan looks like. It’s effortless, efficient, and hassle-free to do.

Getting optimized with your ways of operating your business helps you in saving time for more productive work, makes your processes efficient, removes errors, highlights loopholes, extends the scope of business growth. Quick dry cleaning revolves around all these features to bring the best value to your time and effort.