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Point of sale

Store CRM Basic


Store CRM Basic +
Mobile POS App

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Store CRM Advanced +
Workshop Management


Store CRM Advanced +
Workshop Management
+ Mobile POS App


Piece plus weight order generation

SMS and Email notification

Whatsapp notification

Thermal and laser invoice printing

Customer preferences

Garment defects, brands and colors

Addon services, upcharges and item notes

Secure digital payments

Payment reconciliation

Urgent delivery

Pickup reminders

Workload management

Advance payment

User access controls

Automatic QR Coded tags

Touch-based order generation

Discount and coupon options

Factory Challan

Fully customizable

Return unprocessed garments

Store management

Show Features +

Hierarchical controls

CRM for the laundry business

QR Code enabled garment tracking

Employee performance tracking

Daily reporting

Finishing and packing

Stock reconciliation


Multiple price lists

Batch Invoice

Capture Garment Image





Whatsapp Notifications

Show Features +

Order alerts

Payment links

Payment reminder

Invoices on whatsapp

Customized notifications





Home pickup and delivery

Show Features +


Doorstep order generation

Accept digital payments

Google maps integration

Home delivery feedback

Customer signature

Pickup and drop-off request scheduling





Analytics & dashboard

Show Features +

Business health tracking

Performance tracking

Graphical reports

Customer happiness index

Comparative analysis





Acquisition and Retention

Show Features +

Prepaid packages

Discount Coupons

Loyalty programs

Order level Feedback

Customers at risk

Personalized service





Accounting and Reporting

Show Features +

Payment reconciliation

Daily accounting

Customized Reports


Expense tracking

GST reports

Accounts receivables





Plant management

Show Features +

Garment sorting

Workload Management

In and out tracking

Custom processing stages

Info-rich garment tags

Garment Inspection Report(GIR)





Multi-Store management

Show Features +

Super Admin

Central reporting

Central Customer Master

Central User access Controls

Remote access






Show Features +

SMS marketing

Email Marketing

Whatsapp communication

Website integration

Push discounts and offers






Show Features +

Activity logs

User access controls

Data security

Employee Pilferage

Backup twice daily

Google drive integration

Access Authentication (Two-Step Verification)





Frequently Asked Questions

Our plan starts at $49 per month per location. For more details about pricing plans, please check our Prices above.

We offer a 14-Day Free Trial to first-time users of Quick Dry Cleaning Software. If you wish to continue using the software after the trial, you can choose to pay us on a monthly or yearly basis. Please check out our Pricing page for more detail on Pricing.

No, the prices mentioned on our pricing page does not include any hardware costs. They include the cost of using QDC software and support services. But the good news is that QDC software works with nearly all types of hardware and we also provide you with complete consultation on hardware purchasing decisions.

Yes, we do provide Multi-Store discounts in some cases. Contact us at [email protected] to know more.

Yes, you can upgrade from your current plan anytime. Contact us at sales@quickdrycleaning for any queries.

Yes, you can downgrade from your current plan on any month-end. Contact us at [email protected] for any queries.

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