Savings you dreamt of

You can save a ton more than you ever thought by using Quick Dry Cleaning Software of ours. This covers only the actual savings of cash. It does not take into account the time you’ll save and the improved staff efficiency that comes with using this finest creation

This analysis is based on a small store processing 30 invoices per day, 25 days a month, assuming an average of Rs 50 per invoice.

This would generate gross revenue of Rs 37,500 per month.

Now let’s evaluate

SourcesDetails30 Invoices/DayPer Month
InvoicesPre-printed invoices cost about 60 paisa each; Quick Dry Cleaning Invoice costs about 30 paisa, a saving of 30 paisa each which is Rs. 9 day.9.00 x 25 days =Rs 225.00
Staff theftEliminate theft – Rs. 50 per day (Rs 15,000 per year)50.00 x 25 days =Rs. 1250
Lost RevenueUse the “Old Invoice” report to reduce unclaimed orders.Rs. 15,000 per year=Rs. 1250
ErrorsEliminate undercharging and calculation errors, estimated at 2%*Rs 37,500 x 2% =Rs. 750
False claimsBecause you have a history of all orders you can reduce customer claims on damaged garments and re-cleans that you may never have cleaned in the first place.Rs. 12000 per year =Rs. 1000
One happy customerBy giving better service, if you retain, each month, just one Rs 500 per month customer you will makeRs. 6,000 per year =Rs. 500
Total Per monthRs. 4975
Per YearRs. 59,700


This truly is a magic, isn’t it?