Sales Referrals Program

Make Money by referring customers to Quick Dry Cleaning Software

What is Sales Referral Program?

Quick Dry Cleaning Software team treasure its relationship with its customers and wish to leverage this to create revenue opportunities for its self and its customers. If you are using Quick Dry Cleaning Software to manage your business and believe that it helps you better manage your doings then it must be helpful to other businessmen in your industry. You can share the details of such people and our team will contact them and pitch our product. If we manage to sell our software, you earn yourself a commission. In the process, if you wish, you details will be kept anonymous.

How to Qualify as a Referral Affiliate?

Any individual or business can become our referral Affiliate as follows:

  • Referral Affiliate must provide there information like name, business name, address, contact number
  • Referral Affiliate will agree to terms and conditions set by Quick Dry Cleaning Software team
  • Quick Dry Cleaning Software retains the rights to terminate the participation of any affiliate or discontinue the complete program at any time

How to Make a Referral?

Step 1: Click to “Submit a Lead” button at the bottom of this page to access the referral form

Step 2: Fill out your details

Step 3: Fill out the details of the lead you wish to refer

Quick Dry Cleaning Software Sales team will review the lead and determine if it qualifies for further action and notifies the referrer about the status of the referral application (acceptance or rejection)

For the accepted leads, a sales representative will contact the lead and follow the regular sales process.

If the lead is converted, commissions are paid to the referral within 60 days of the payment from the customer.