Value & Benefits

How to satisfy customers of your dry cleaning business

Enhance Customer Experience from Booking to Delivery

Today your clients are more pressed for time than ever before. They manage their hectic lifestyle with communication gadgets that enable them multiple thing at one time. Is your Dry Cleaning business updated to connect in ways today’s urban citizens do business?
Quick Dry cleaning software enables you to keep pace with your clients lifestyle. With Quick Dry Cleaning software in addition to barcode tagged receipts you will issue electronic receipts, status updates once clothes are ready for pick up and even reminders all over Emails and SMS.

How to increase profits of a Laundry business

Control Your Business, Reduce Waste and Increase Profits

No matter how many years you have been running your business, there is always scope to improve efficiency, minimize waste and reduce expenses. This can only happen if you have the information such as the workload across months and week days, understand demand for each process and type of cloth, expenses across departments, returns for every marketing initiative, top 100 customers and more data points.
Quick Dry cleaning empowers you with this information to help you increase profits and be successful in your business.

How to avoid wrong deliveries in Laundry Business

Still Dealing with Lost Clothes? Delays & Wrong Deliveries Frustrating Customers?

Your customers depend on you for bringing back to life their most expensive, most memorable and even emotionally attached clothes. They plan to wear them on dates, interviews, wedding, birthdays and every life changing moments that they will remember forever. They imagine walking down the ramp of life with elegance and confidence. And if fail them on these moments it is sure to get them frustrated like hell.

Quick Dry cleaning barcode based tracking system lets you stay on top of tracking each garment individually throughout the workflow from booking till delivery, every moment and every step is tracked and recorded and the information available to you all the time. We help you stay dependable!

Remember every satisfied customer gets you one new customer, but every frustrated customer makes you lose nine customers.

How to professionally run a Laundry business

Grow Your Business: From Store Keeping to Running a Business

We all imagine growth, but always struggle to grow beyond individually manageable businesses sizes. We are restricted not by our ability, but by our physical presence to manage multiple stores.

Quick Dry Cleaning software bring you an opportunity to grow beyond individual boundaries with remote management of your complete business, no matter where you are in the world.

Dry cleaning software by Laundry cleaners

Right Blend of Dry Cleaning Business Knowledge and Technology

We are you! We are a team of second generation Dry Cleaners with a formal degree in technology with over 100 years of combined technology experience. We know what the inherent problems of business are as we have faced them since beginning and know exactly how technology can help us all overcome these challenges.

Great IT support with dry cleaning business management software

Not a Techie!! Not a problem!!

We understand that you are an expert in treating cloths and not in handling computer software. We want to you to stay focused on loving your clients clothes while we cover your technology needs.

We have Quick Dry Cleaning Software available in on the internet cloud. Just get to the website, log in and start using. No worries about maintaining, backups or even losing or crashing of your PC. As long as you can access our website, you can run your business. If staying online bothers you then we have a complete offline installable that we manage for you remotely, while you run your business peacefully

Internet based software to Remotely Manage dry cleaning business

Anytime Anywhere Access

Now remote control your business. With Quick Dry Cleaning you can now access your business from any part of the world. You can monitor your business through Computer, laptop, Tables ,PDA, Smart Phone or even a Smart TV.

Internet based POS software to Remotely Manage laundry business

Always Adding More Value

We follow agile methodology of software development enabling Customer Feedback based Development. We keep looking for challenges (problems) and solutions to make your life even better. Our R&D team keeps on feeding inputs to our dedicated problem development team which is working towards making existing solutions more efficient and adding new features to make your life more beautiful. Which means very frequently you keep on getting upgrades at no extra cost.