“The updated software is pretty much user friendly and I thank the Quick Dry Cleaning Support Team for a job well done! The Software has so far helped us to manage our business without problems and to understand the dynamics regarding our customers base. Again well done and thank you!”

Mr. Anselme Siakam Nana – Sinansel Xpress, South Africa

“With the changing technology and work culture, the work process must also change to eradicate the existing flaws and give the utmost superlative service to the client. We always had an imagination at the back of our mind, that if there would have been advanced software which can handle the stiff and laborious process associated with the dry cleaning segment then we would have focused more on our actual service rather than spying for garment here and there. Here in Kolkata we have consulted several software developers to develop such software that can cover all the work process in our segment, but what we got is erosion of time and money. I feel proud to say that the Quick Dry Cleaning Software People operating very far from us are so dedicated, knowledgeable and courageous that they gave me the best solution for whatever I required to improve my service.

As per the dry cleaning segment is concerned Quick Dry Cleaning Software is the best software. When I got the demonstration of the software I was shocked to see that these people have covered almost all the problematic areas in our segment. Also the R&D team is awesome, just put any of your problem and they are ready with the best possible solution.

The best part I liked about the software is the SMS interaction with the customer. Our service is such that there may be a default to deliver the garment to the customer on the declared delivery date also on several occasion the garment gets ready for delivery before the declared delivery date. Now with the Quick Dry Cleaning Software the customer gets to know the status of the garment. When the customer receives the sms for the garments being ready for delivery prior to the delivery date, the customer picks up the same instantly and the best part is that our stock gets cleared and there is no stock accumulation. Also the reverse side benefit, when the delivery date expires, the customer is aware of the same and does not visit the shop, as a result he does not feel the pinch of coming to the shop and hear ‘’ Sir, your garments are not ready”.

I thank Quick Dry Cleaning Software in helping us to enhance our work culture, efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Three most important benefits — Time Saving , Fraud Evasion, Customer Satisfaction.

Mr. Rahul – Hollywood Dry Cleaners, Kolkata

“I always said and believed old is gold. And used budget as an excuse to avoid any new idea or innovation. But hard working team at Quick Dry Cleaning convinced me to take a step this time and trust their software to bring a radical change in the way I do my business. And then there was no looking back. This Quick Dry Cleaning software is easy to use and has shown great increase in the quality, precision of my records. This software is not just for some tech savy young people but for anybody and everybody who is organized in his dry cleaning business and wants to grow his profits and not just manual records! Great Thanks to Quick Dry Cleaning for bringing this pleasant change and I wish all the best to them for all their endeavors..”

Som Ahuja – Ahuja Dry Cleaners, Kamla Nagar

Success Stories

With its multiple features and high functionality, Quick Dry Cleaning software introduced a balanced working mechanism to the operations of Dry Cleaning giant EuroClean, the first of its kind dry cleaning facility in India offering myriad world class services to the customers. Complementing the ethos and innovative approach of EuroClean, Quick Dry Cleaning Euro Clean by Topsec using Quick Dry Cleaning SoftwareSoftware offered advanced features and multiple virtues that contributed to the overall growth of the brand.

When innovation and strong ethos come together, the result is EuroClean – India’s premium European coin operated laundromat/full service Dry cleaning facility. The brand brings together the best dry cleaning practices being followed across the world to offer a pool of services to the high and the mighty of the society. At EuroClean being environment friendly is always on agenda where utilizing most preferred green methods and recycling used materials come into play; even as it acts as one of its kind facility where highly advanced and up to date processes find base including wet cleaning and hydrocarbon cleaning.

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Excellence in Customer Support Services For the Year 2012

We have recently Received an Award for Customer Support
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