Why Quick Dry Cleaning Software

Keeping a tab of orders, payment dispensation, management of employees and maintenance of information is a frustrating and boring experience.

So to change the way of doing things we bring to you a revolutionary yet a very easy to use software.

Quick Dry Cleaning Software is one of the finest software that would change the entire dry cleaning industry.

It is a quality business software loaded with numerous applications, built to make things easier for you.

Quick dry cleaning POS software proves ideal for stores dealing with walk-in clientele and is renowned for printing receipts at a pace par excellence and clarity beyond vision.

Consideration for quick dry cleaning POS software is a time saving measure and work efficiency enhancer as the numerous features incorporated benefit by accelerating the whole unit management course. The efficiency of the software can be determined through following questionnaires:

  • How much time is consumed in a day for sale calculation? Quick dry cleaning softwares ensure 100 % sales computation within half a minute harboring no discrepancy.
  • What about dealings with charge account customers? The software provisions statement calculation of individualized data within no time and taking into account each and every invoice.
    If a client walks in claiming of not picking up a six month old consignment then how much time does one take digging invoices refuting the claim? Where quick dry cleaning software is concerned all the information regarding the date, time and mode of payment, delivery information regarding the pick-up client as well as employee handing over the consignment is obtainable in a jiffy.
  • What happens in case of tag rip-off? Quick dry cleaning software is capable of disclosing the client information in these odd cases.
  • Computation of financial information regarding earned amount as well as amount invested in inventory.
  • How does one embark upon inventory incongruity? The software excels in provisioning quick information on consignments that are not picked up by client, thus ensuring an immediate call to clients. This further helps in maintaining the inventory balance.

The software is an apt solution for overall functioning of the store procedure in accelerated and efficient manner.

These are just a few of the many time savers. Once you have a look at the program you’ll find many more SAVINGS.